Writing Winning Tenders for Small Businesses

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The Australian Tender market is worth over $650 billion, meaning there’s a lot of opportunity for new contracts and new clients. Tendering is suitable for all types of business, no matter how big or small.
Having tendering knowledge and skills is essential for any small business owner wanting to transform and ignite their business. Tendering allows you to consolidate your information and deliver a consistent message across all platforms of your business.

In this interview tender writing expert Kristine Daw from Dawtek answers the following questions for small business owners:

1. I have never tendered before, where should I begin?
2. Can a small business compete against large businesses?
3. Where can I find tenders for my business?
4. How can I make my Tender stand out from my competitors?


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Hi, I'm Kristine Daw a Melbourne-based tender writer and trainer. My business Dawtek has been operating for nearly 20 years and during that time, I have written over 80 tender per year, with a 75% shortlisting success rate.
As a small business I understand all the difficulties you face and I have tailored my products and services to meet the needs of small businesses, from tender writing to templates, training and Australia's first ever complete online course.
For me, it’s all about providing support for small businesses and not for profit organisations and helping them achieve success.

Kristine Daw


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