Every day we’re confronted with too much information…
how do we turn off the noise to get the clarity we need to move forward?

Tax Planning 2022 & Tax and Business Updates

Help you minimise and manage your forseeable tax obligations, and utilise available tax concessions


Paying tax is great: the more successful your business is the more tax you pay. However, paying too much tax is wasteful. Are you paying too much tax? How can you minimise what you pay? And – what tax concessions can you utilise to both invest in your business as well as help minimise your tax?

  • Helps you minimise and manage your forseeable tax obligations, and utilise available tax concessions.
  • Walk away with an executable checklist of things you can DO right away to help you minimise your tax.
  • Attendance at Stop the Noise Webinars is strictly limited so all attendees have the opportunity to get their questions answered.

Your Expert Panelists

Business Tax Specialist 

Ian Harris: B+I Lockwood Accountants Pty Ltd

Ian is an experienced professional business advisor in the SME area with many years of experience. He likes to use the “business model canvas”​ developed by Alex Osterwalder to assist clients to review and develop their businesses. He loves coaching entrepreneurs and business startups, and helping all businesses achieve their potential.

Chartered Accountant

Maria Coleman: Morella Tyson

Maria Coleman is a Chartered Accountant with many years of experience. She is a tax consultant, SMSF and business advisor, who particularly likes to work with businesses that are growing and developing to help them achieve their goals. She also likes to work with businesses with their succession planning, and helping them get ready for business sale or purchase.

Your Hosts

Chief Collaboration Officer and Co-founder of BB4G and the BB4G Business Advisors Alliance

Brenda is known for her commitment to  #WinWith building purpose driven collaborative alliances that make a real and lasting difference in the world.
The Better Business for Good Company Business Advisors Alliance is a collective of high quality B2B specialists and advisors who work together  to ensure every small business owner has access to the knowledge and support they need to succeed.

Leader of the BB4G Strategic Partner Network Finance and Risk Expert Panel

For the past 10 years, Martin has worked exclusively in the small business finance area and developed the methodology of Better Business Banking to enable small business to access innovative, flexible and lower-cost methods to fund business growth.
Martin’s mission is to provide small business with the Working Capital and the Cashflow they need to enable them to grow and prosper in today’s tough business environment by providing an alternative to borrowing from the Big Banks as well as delivering advice and insights the business needs to grow.

About the Stop the Noise Webinar Series


Each week Expert Panel members of the BB4G Business Advisors Alliance conduct a webinar on HOW TO RESOLVE a business challenge or issue that they see small business owners struggling with.

Each webinar consists of THREE parts:

  • An introduction to the topic , who  it impacts and why it matters
  • A step by step HOW TO guide that you can implement right away to resolve the issue or challenge in your business
  • An open Q & A segment for everyone who attends the webinar in person (Numbers of attendees are limited so everyone can participate)

All registered guests receive access to the recording of the webinar and  downloadable HOW TO Guide. 

This webinar has now finished. But don't despair - you can download the checklist and watch the full recording of this and ALL our Stop the Noise Webinars in our private Business Knowledge Bank Facebook Group.  It’s  free to join.  Click the button below to  Join the Group.  Select the Stop the Noise Webinar Guide under the Guides Tap to access all our Stop the Noise Webinars and other valuable information for small business owners. .