Taking care of your team and your business means taking care of YOU first!

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There has been lots of talk particularly in Melbourne with the lockdown about the impact on mental health and the looming fallout from the impact of COVID 19. If there was ever a time for our business leaders to install SELF SUSTAINABILITY practices and arm themselves with knowledge and support to keep them well this is it. You will have people in need, if you want to serve them you need to support yourself first.
As Leaders we have to be prepared to MODEL the behaviours that make US sustainable and teach that to those for whom we are responsible. That makes all of business sustainable.
In today's episode of BB4G TV Dr Linda Wilson from Create Consciousness talks about self-care for business leaders or as Dr Linda reframes it self-sustainability.


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Bringing a unique perspective on personal and professional growth I help people develop adaptable minds – imperative in the current climate. My objectives are to provide motivational frameworks, positive mind flow tools, structured processes and neurology based solutions to create and leverage success and psychological safety for the individual and team.

Dr Linda Wilson

Create Consciousness

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