Good people doing good things together!

 For business specialists, service providers, coaches, consultants and advisors who want to support one another, add exponential value to your clients, and make a real difference in the world.

NOT your average business networking group.

Good people doing good things together: supporting one another, helping more businesses thrive, making a bigger difference in the world.

By invitation only. Exclusively for high quality, ethical B2B specialists, consultants, advisors and service providers.


Imagine what we can achieve together!

✔ Help more businesses survive and thrive.

✔ Grow your business and reach more people.

✔ Add even greater value to your clients.

✔ Have a bigger IMPACT in the world.

About the BB4G Strategic Partner Network

The BB4G Strategic Partner Network is an invitation only collaborative group of high quality, ethical, purpose driven B2B business owners working together to create WIN WIN partnerships and alliances to achieve their business goals, support the small business community and have a bigger impact in the world.

It’s NOT a traditional networking group.

There are no KPIs or attendance requirements.

How and when you choose to participate is completely up to you and may vary throughout your membership as your goals, availability and interests change.

How is it different from a traditional networking group?
  • The true value from networking comes from the relationships you build following on from the connections you make. And the most valuable relationships to help you achieve your business goals are with other businesses with similar values, the same target market and aligned goals.  These are the people you can most often work with to help each other achieve your business goals – whether that is to share referrals, attract more leads and clients, to add more value to your existing clients or something else.
  • A traditional networking group is kind of like a lucky dip.  You can invest a lot of time and money with very little control over who you meet. And only a few will be potential referral or strategic partners for your business.
  • The BB4G Strategic Partner Network removes the wrappers from the lucky dip and does the first step for you – connecting you directly with people you want to meet based on the information you give us.
How does it work?
  1. You complete an indepth Strategic Partner Profile describing your products or services, identifying who your ideal clients are,  outlining your business goals, sharing your core values about what’s important to you and providing any other information that might help us identify the right people to connect you with.  You can update your profile at any time.
  2. We send out a regular update of new members who have joined the network so you can reach out and connect individually if you want to.  After all you never know who knows who.
  3. You can choose to attend our regular Connect-Collaborate-Contribute events where you’ll have the opportunity to  reconnect with old friends, and meet new members and guests.  All with the specific purpose of identifying potential referral and partnership opportunities. (All ticket sales are donated directly ot our Impact Partner Just People to support their work in eliminating world poverty.)  These are entirely optional but remember – the more you put in the more you’ll get back.
  4. Depending on your level of membership you can join our private LinkedIn group where we share strategic partnership opportunities and ideas. We’ll even introduce you directly to other business owners who are potential good strategic partners for you.
Who is it for?

The BB4G Strategic Partner Network is for you if:

  • You’re an experienced, high quality ethical  B2B business (business service providers and specialists, coaches, consultants, accountants, CFOs, bookkeepers; specialists in HR, systems and technology, branding & marketing, legal and risk management.)
  • You appreciate the value of networking and collaboration to help you achieve your business goals.
  • You want to grow your business, get more leads and clients, or add more value to your existing clients.
  • Making a difference in the world is important to you
  • You are excited by the opportunity to help us realise our vision of halving the rate of small business failure in Australia by 2030
  • Invitation only. All guests and potential members are interviewed to ensure that they share our core standards and values of professional excellence, integrity, collaboration, and contribution. 
What are the costs and commitments?
  •  Membership to the BB4G Strategic Partner Network starts from just $197 per year. You choose your level of commitment based on your business objectives.  
  • There are no attendance requirements or commitments. What you put in will determine what you get out.  The more you participate in activities and the more time you invest in building strong relationships with other members the more value you will realise from your Strategic Partner membership.
Other benefits

Depending on your level of membership you will have the opportunitity to:

  • List your business in our Strategic Partner Business Directory.
  • Participate in our online member community to share ideas, and resources and identify and develop collaboration opportunities.
  • Access our comprehensive library of resources and case studies to help you create powerful referral and strategic partnerships.  
  • Attend monthly strategic partnership Q & A calls with BB4G Chief Collaborator and networking specialist Brenda Thomson to help you maximise the value of your membership. 
  • Have the option to participate in annual Strategic Partnership Think Tanks specifically designed to help you identify new opportunities for strategic partnerships with BB4G and other Strategic Partner Network Members to create WIN WIN outcomes. 

If what you’ve read resonates book a 15 minute discovery call with BB4G Co-founder and Chief Collaboration Officer Brenda Thomson to say HELLO and see if there could be a fit.