About the Stop the Noise Webinar Series 

The Stop the Noise Webinar Series are intended to provide SMEs with practical strategies, tips and insights they can use to make real improvements in their business right away. Obviously that’s the primary objective…

But they have several other benefits for BB4G Advisors Alliance members:

  • By appearing as an expert on a Stop the Noise Webinar you are building your brand and reputation as a recognised expert in your field
  • By contributing to the series you are helping BB4G build the collective brand as the go to place for high quality reliable business information and resources That’s a WIN-WIN
  • By sharing the Webinar recordings with your clients and prospective clients you are providing them with access to high quality information provided by your trusted advisors alliance peers.  You are also building your own brand as the go to place for connections to top quality business specialists and advisors. 
  • PLUS the series gives you some great material to use in your newsletter and on social media  – building your brand as a member of a high quality expert team.

So get started and book your Stop the Noise Webinar spot today. 

Stop the Noise Webinar Series Panelist Instructions

Please read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure a hassle free and consistent Stop the Noise Webinar experience.

Key Links

All links can also be found in the Bookmarks at the top of the main Business Advisors Alliance Channel in Slack

If you have any questions about the Stop the Noise Webinar Process you can contact Brenda Thomson in Slack

Planning your Webinar
  • Decide on your webinar topic  – this should be something that solves a real problem or challenge faced by small business owners.  You can see past topics in the Stop the Noise Guide in the Business Knowledge Bank Facebook Group
  • Decide whether to do the webinar by yourself or to team up with another Business Advisors Alliance member.
Submitting your Webinar for Approval

The promise of the Stop the Noise Webinar Series is as follows:

  • Get the knowledge, insights and clarity you need to make sound business decisions, solve business challenges and move your business forward.
  • No fluff, no sales pitches, just practical strategies, tips and insights you can use to make real improvements in your business right away.
  • Every webinar comes with an implementable checklist.

Please ensure that you consider these points when submitting your webinar for approval.

You will be required to submit the following information using the Webinar Panelist Submission Form

  1.  Information for the webinar landing page:
    • The webinar title
    • The webinar sub-title explaining what participants will be able to DO as a result of attending the webinar
    • A brief explanation of what will be covered in the webinar
    • Panelist bios
  2. Webinar Questions:
    • 3 to 5 questions to introduce the topic and show why it is important to small business owners.
  3. The Implementable Checklist:
    • 7 – 10 checklist items that will provide webinar participants with a clear guide for how to  solve a business problem or overcome a business challenge. The checklist/To do list items should be worded as action items to reflect our promise to participants of what they will be able to DO to solve a problem or improve their business as a result of attending the webinar.
  4. Your Free Gift:
    • You have the option to provide a free gift to webinar participants. As this is referred to in the Facebook Group Post make sure it is something that you can continue to provide for an extended period of time.

Make sure that the content you provide is grammatically correct and there are no spelling mistakes.

When your webinar has been approved you will be notified and asked to select a date for your webinar.

Preparing for your Webinar

We strongly recommend that you watch at least one other Webinar prior to your own so that you know what to expect.  All of the Stop the Noise webinar recordings can be found in the Business Knowledge Bank Facebook Group

  • Once your Webinar Submission Form has been approved there is very little you need to do to prepare. The Stop the Noise Webinar Series follows an interview/discussion format NOT a presentation format. Do NOT provide a powerpoint presentation as this will not be used.
  • OPTIONAL: If you would like to provide a handout for webinar participants you may provide this either as a PDF or as a website link. This can be submitted at any time prior to the webinar.
  • If you are working with a second panelist make sure you agree in advance which of you will be answering each question/addressing each checklist item so that the interview runs smoothly. Both panel members are able to answer but we need a first person to address the question to.
Promoting your Webinar

Once your webinar has been approved and a webinar date selected you will be provided with the link to the Webinar Landing Page and the event pages in LinkedIn and Facebook. To fully leverage the webinar you should take the following actions:

  • Register for the Webinar yourself and confirm that you are attending on both LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Invite your clients, prospects and strategic partners to attend the webinar.
  • Share the Linked in and Facebook events with your social media contacts and invite them to attend the webinar.

The more actively you promote the webinar the more value you will gain and the more value you will provide to your fellow Alliance members and to the BB4G Business Advisors Alliance Brand.

Participating in your Webinar
  • You will receive the webinar link and a reminder of your webinar questions and checklist items the day before your webinar.  
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure that there are no technology issues and to confirm the order of interview process.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet room with no distractions.
Leveraging your Webinar

Following the webinar  you are  requested to:

  • comment on the post in the  Business Knowledge Bank Facebook Group
  • respond to any questions about the webinar posted in the Knowledge Bank Group
  • actively engage with BB4G social media posts discussing the webinar. 

You will also be provided with the full recording of the webinar to use in whatever ways you see fit.