Staying mentally healthy at work

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October is national health and safety month and this year's focus is on navigating through COVID-19. 2020 has thrown many challenges to businesses, and it is going to be important to have good systems in place to manage COVID at work, to ensure businesses can reopen and operate at their best. No one wants to be affected by a new case or outbreak of COVID at their workplace.
Many people have been forced to work from home and this can add to the stress of work, trying to juggle home and work at the same time. Work stresses can contribute to poor mental health and it's important for business owners to promote good mental health at work and create mentally healthy workplaces. This helps to reduce psychological injuries, increases productivity, and increases employee engagement.

In this interview Cameron Walker from Walker Safety Services explains:

  • How do I manage COVID at my workplace now and in the future?
  • I have staff working from home who are stressed, how can I manage that?
  • What do I need to do to ensure my workplace is a safe and healthy place to work?


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With 15 years experience in the safety industry, I am passionate abut helping businesses keep people safe. I keep up with legislation and industry changes to ensure I can provide the best and most practical safety advice to improve the way you do business.

Cameron Walker

Walker Safety Services

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