Making First Impressions that Win Business – Creating Impact One Word at a Time.

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LANGUAGE MATTERS – choosing YOUR WORDS carefully makes all the difference.

In this episode of Better Business for Good TV with Maureen Barten from Maureen Barten consulting you will learn the secrets employed by big businesses that transformed their brands from average to extraordinary – one word at a time.

Whether making a first impression or running an extensive marketing campaign, we see SUCCESSFUL outcomes in those organisations using concise, engaging, humanised and authentic language. This builds brand integrity, consumer confidence and wins loyalty. LOYALTY delivers repeatable business.

Maureen discusses the importance of Key Messaging, how it is created, why it is important and how it can be used across all forms of communication throughout your business.

You will leave with a new power tool in your marketing toolbox – so you can get started transforming your business – TODAY!

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CREATING IMPACT is my passion. I’m an Established Communications Expert and Marketing Strategist with 30+ years award-winning experience. I love working with small to medium-size businesses and NFP organisations making global impact in their work.

Maureen Barten

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