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Build a Better Business Make a bigger impact


100% of profits from BIPlan System subscriptions donated to our impact partners working to eliminate world poverty.

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Be part of the change you want to see in the world

Build a better business – have a bigger impact!

Join our community of like minded small business owners working together to build better businesses and have a bigger impact.

Work together to plan, manage and track your improvements over time with the ongoing support of our team of business advisors, mentors and specialists.

Subscriptions only $1 per day. 100% of profits are donated to our impact partners  – organisations committed to working to eliminate world poverty.

Build a better business – have a bigger impact – together! 

What’s Included in membership?

  • Receive a complimentary prioritisation session with an approved BIPlan Advisor to help you prioritise you business improvement activities and get the best possible value from the BIPlan System.
  • Ongoing access to the BIPlan System so you can continue to plan and implement your business improvement strategy and track your progress over time.
  • Participate in weekly Checklist Chats. Online meetings over Zoom where a small business specialist or business advisor answers questions and provided hints and tips on how to improve your business practices. 
  • Participate in monthly accountability and planning sessions to help you implement your business improvement plan.
  • Receive a monthly email reminding you of your business improvement priorities for the month.
  • Access our library of guides, templates and other resources developed to help you build a better business.
  • List your business in our services directory.
  • Help make a difference in the world. 100% of profits from BIPlan System subscriptions are donated to our impact partners to help people living in extreme poverty start their own small businesses and escape the poverty trap.

    Subscribe from just $1 per day.
    100% of profits donated to organisations working to eliminate world poverty.

    Build your business on strong foundations.

    Measure and benchmark your business practices. Develop and implement a plan to make your business more profitable, scaleable and saleable. Help eliminate world poverty.

    The Better Business for Good Company is a social enterprise.

    How it works.

    • We operate like any for profit business,  paying wages and investing in all the things necessary to create great products and stay competitive.
    • The main difference to other for-profit companies, is that we donate 100% of our profits to our Impact Partners . 
    • We believe in total transparency and we’ll make our financials available each year so you can see exactly how our funds are being spent.
    • PLUS we’ll provide you with impact updates when they’re available so you can find out more about the work of our partners and the difference you’re helping to make in breaking down systemic inequality and lifting people out of extreme poverty.
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    Meet our Impact Partners

    In mid 2020 we partnered with not for profit organisation Just Peoples Just Peoples connects businesses and individuals wanting to make a difference with leaders around the world who have a proven track record of designing and delivering grassroots projects that tackle poverty in their local communities.

    Just Peoples connect The Better Business for Good Company with projects in line with our mission of lifting people out of poverty through helping them start their own businesses.