ISO Certification: The what, when and why for small businesses

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In this extract from Episode 7 of Better Business for Good TV Hazel Smirlis from Compliance Lab talks about ISO Certification.

Key takeaways

  • ISO is the short name for the International Organisation for Standardisation.
  • WHAT: A set of business management standards: Most commonly used are quality, safety and environment.
  • Safety standards cover risks to business, training, licenses, sub-contractors safe work methods statements etc
  • Most commonly used in construction and manufacturing but relevant to any type of business which wants to improve systems and efficiency. Safety doesn’t just apply to manufacturing and construction, every business needs to ensure the safety of their staff, their customers and their sub-contractors.
  • WHY? Externally certified:  demonstrate a commitment to quality, marketing edge, needed for govt tenders, increase effectiveness, improve culture, improve systems. 

About Hazel

Hazel is dedicated and results-driven management systems consultant with highly successful background in the development and implementation of ISO management systems. Experienced in working with a number of clients ranging from the construction to manufacturing industries.  Hazel lives, eats and breathes systems.

Hazel Smirlis

Compliance Lab

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