Step 3

Improve your business practices


Implement a business improvement plan to build your business on strong foundations, making it more profitable, scaleable and saleable.

Tools to help you with your business improvement goals.

Business improvement tools to help you kickstart your company’s journey to becoming more profitable, scalable and saleable: 

The five dimensions of business best practice
An example business improvement plan

Create your own Roadmap

Customised Business Improvement Plans

Pick the areas of your business that are key to helping you achieve your business goals.

The tools within the BIPlan System will help you to map out an improvement plan that suits your business.

  • Pick the areas you want to work on
  • Apply priorities and due dates
  • Add notes and allocate tasks and resources.
  • Mark off when completed

Deep Dive into a Topic

Best Practice Guides

Want to do better but stuck on implementation? The BIPlan System provides 50+ detailed best practices guides and support material filled with useful tips and examples to help you implement these practices.

BIPlan System Business Improvement Resources
Monthly goal setting and accountability program

Stay on track with your business improvement plan

Monthly Accountability & Goal Setting Program

Need help setting goals and staying on track? The BIPlan System monthly goal setting and accountability program will help you set and achieve your improvement goals for your business.

Get help from Best Practice Specialists

Weekly Q & A Sessions &
Business Improvement Help Line

Need more guidance and support? Participate in weekly “Checklist Chats” Q & A Calls with our BIPlan Mentors. Or use the BIPlan System helpline to get help from experienced business specialists to help you implement your best practice action items. 

Checklist Chats sit in my diary once a week and no matter how much I get hijacked by my to do list throughout the week, they are my time for working on my business rather than in it. Every week there is a wise business guru that helps me explore a different aspect of leading and growing a successful organisation. The knowledge I am gaining from the weekly checklist chat sessions is helping me to build my confidence to differentiate my organisation in the market and grow to become the leader I want to be.”  

Johanna de Burca

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Build your business on strong foundations.

Measure and benchmark your business practices. Develop and implement a plan to make your business more profitable, scaleable and saleable. Help eliminate world poverty.