How to attract and retain new employees in an Employee Strong market

Now more than ever, new employees are demanding and expecting more from their new employers. Candidates have choices between good employers and great employers. How do you attract them to your company?

What offerings and processes do employers need to offer and demonstrate to new candidates for their business? Is it just about remuneration?

What is the importance of:

  • Competent hiring and HR Processes?
  • Good and welcoming pre and post job offer?
  • Clear and comprehensive onboarding and Day1 training?
  • Employee profile survey and feedback on Day 1
  • Ongoing employee personal, professional and ‘on the job’ skills training.
  • The overall importance of company culture to a new candidate?

We talked about:

  • The changing employment market, but what is really happening out there?
  • Why it is important for small businesses to understand what is happening in the market and what can they do to be competitive?
  • How does this change the way small businesses recruit and introduce new staff to their business?
  • Why is this so important for businesses to have a structured onboarding program?

11 minute watch.

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Meet the Panelists

Employee Onboarding Specialist
Noirin Mosley: Educate to Elevate

Noirin Mosley hails from Dublin Ireland and has made her way to Melbourne via Bangkok, Papua New Guinea and Sydney. She has previously worked in the Insurance, Disability, online Wall Art sectors and currently works in the Employee Online onboarding space at Educate to Elevate, specialising in Day 1 training programs. She started a slot car racing, entertainment venue called Race Party back in 2015 and despite it having a hiatus during Covid, is hopeful that it will have a rebirth soon again. She’s also an Optimist and likes to spread Optimism through her not for profit ‘Project Optimism’.

Leader of the BB4G Strategic Partner Network People & Culture Expert Panel.
Catie Paterson: Catie Paterson HR Business Consulting

Catie Paterson specialises in delivering focused HR solutions with a personal touch. A true HR specialist, Catie’s strength is in successfully managing stakeholders at all levels whilst delivering invaluable tools, strategies and results throughout all areas of a business. She is passionate about human connection, and combines years of industry experience with a dedication to getting the job done. Inherently down to earth and offering services that are all-encompassing.

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