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Human Resource Management Success Audit

Webinar Series

Discover what you need to do to
ensure the right people,
in the right jobs,
with the right skills, competencies and motivation
and with the right systems and culture to support them.

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In this 8 part webinar series HR Specialist Catie Paterson from Catie Paterson Strategic HR walks you step by step through the 8 Checklists of the Better Business for Good Company BIPlan System HR Success Audit.

Recruitment and Selection

Induction and Onboarding

HR Policies and Procedures and Legal Compliance

Team Communication

Remuneration and Incentives

Performance Management & Training and Development

Workplace Health and Safety

Employee exiting

More Resources Mentioned in the Webinars

Here’s the link to the article about creating a culture code stack mentioned in the induction and onboarding webinar  Read the article

You can download Interview Questions you Can’t Ask here (Refer Recruitment and Selection Webinar)

About your presenter

Catie Paterson specialises in delivering focused HR solutions with a personal touch.

A true HR specialist,  Catie’s strength is in successfully managing stakeholders at all levels whilst delivering invaluable tools, strategies and results throughout all areas of a business.

She is passionate about human connection, and combines years of industry experience with a dedication to getting the job done.
Inherently down to earth and offering services that are all-encompassing.

Catie Paterson Consulting came about as a result of increased demand for genuine, ‘no-nonsense’ HR guidance, assistance and advice.

Catie Paterson

HR strategist, Catie Paterson Strategic HR Consulting

What Catie’s Clients Say

“Catie is passionate about why she is doing this. Catie’s method is practical and I believe achievable. She also explains why things are done the way they are (with room for change) and why some things must be done a certain way (for legal reasons). She makes you feel your gut instinct about staff members are correct but you just lack the knowledge to follow through with a result. She helps provide that knowledge and is happy to answer your questions and concerns.”  Trinity

“Catie is a seasoned HR Practitioner who brings an outstanding understanding to her clients of all HR matters.”   Karen

“Catie’s honest, upfront approach, willingness to understand the business and its needs readily and to get her hands dirty.” Rebecca

“Catie herself deserves all the credit, she is an extremely knowledgeable, reliable asset to any business.”  Chay

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