Ethical Outsourcing

10 minute watch

Interview with Dee Mills from CQ Mills Consulting about ethical outsourcing of remote staff (VAs or virtual assistants) from the Philippines 

Key Takeaways:

  • Approach Outsourcing as a business decision
  • Choose the right outsourcing model for you and your business.
  • Choose an outsourcing partner who matches your values and can be that cultural bridge.

Key Questions to be Covered during your Interview:

  • Why Outsource?
  • What kind of jobs can I Outsource?
  • How do I make sure I’m doing right by my business and by the person?

Dee has worked for a range of businesses from small to multinational. From this, she brings an understanding of the growing pains that all businesses go through.

Dee is a solutions person with old fashioned values – understand what the customer wants, don’t over-promise and under-delivering and above all, be honest and work with integrity.

Her idea of a good day in the office is when a client is happy with the impact their VA is making on their business and when a VA says they love their job.

Dee Mills

CQ Mills Consulting

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