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Episode 6: The Employee Onboarding Special Edition

The topic of BB4G TV this week is Employee Onboarding.  Here are some stats you may not be aware of:

  • 4% of new hires leave a job after a disastrous first day
  • 22% of turnover occurs within the first 45 days.
  • 23% of new starters who receive poor onboarding experience leave in the first year.
  • And the real cost of that turnover can be as high as 3 times the employee's salary

Host Brenda Thomson asked HR specialist Catie Paterson from Catie Paterson HR, Workplace process architect Kerry Anne Nelson from Operation Verve and IT support specialist Damien Battersby from Proactive IT solutions for their insights on effective onboarding.

“Catie Paterson HR specialises in providing services that are tailored to suit small to medium businesses to help support their growth and strategic plans.

We look after businesses by offering practical, ‘no nonsense’ HR solutions.”

Catie Paterson

HR strategist, Catie Paterson Strategic HR Consulting

Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with making workplaces run smoothly and has become Australia’s most passionate advocate for systemising businesses. Her clients accelerate the achievement of their business goals by leveraging the decades Kerry Anne invested into growing her own companies. She accelerates the pathway to lasting expansion by developing customised tools which allow owner operators to scale their business.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Workplace Processes Architect, Operation Verve

Damien Battersby is founder and managing director of Proactive IT Solutions, an IT company focused on helping business owners improve their bottom line through best practice technology. Over the past 15 years, Damien has worked with hundreds of small and medium business owners helping them get the best from their business through better technology.

Damien Battersby

Proactive IT Solutions

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