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Episode 5: What you need to know about Cyber Insurance, Getting a TV interview for FREE and Claiming R&D Grants

This week on Better Business for Good TV 

Tim Allan from Insurance AdvisorNet about Cyber Insurance explained

  • What is Cyber Crime
  • What can Cyber Insurance cover for SMB’s
  • And are all Cyber Insurance policies the same

Jules Brooke from Handle Your Own PR talked about how to get a TV interview for free including

  • The benefits of getting on TV and why it's such a great opportunity RIGHT NOW!
  • How to contact a show to request an interview
  • What you need to do to prepare

And Scott Amberley from Granted R & D shared

  • What R & D grants are… and what they are not
  • What are the eligibility criteria and in particular what kinds of business activities are eligible
  • What records you have to keep and more

It does not matter what size your business is. Cyber criminals will target anyone they feel they can profit from or cause disruption to. In most cases the smaller the business the greater the chance that proper Cyber security is not installed or current and these are seen as easy targets.  If you rely upon IT infrastructure and or internet to make your business tick, you can not afford to dismiss Cyber insurance protection.

Tim is an experienced insurance professional willing to share his 40+ years of industry knowledge.

Tim Allan

Insurance Advisernet

Jules Brooke is the founder of Handle Your Own PR, a DIY PR service for business owners, and has been teaching people how to get media coverage for their business for over 10 years.

Jules Brooke

Handle Your Own PR

Most business owners have no idea that the way they’ve tackled a problem constitutes research and development, and that they can claim offsets from the government to pay for that business activity.

I’ll review your practices to uncover what you take for granted as business as usual. Then I’ll find you government money for it, step you through the AusIndustry process to access the funding, and celebrate your success as you amp your business up a notch or two.

Scott Amberley

Granted R & D

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