Better Business for Good TV

Episode 4: Show me the money!

In Episode 4 of Better Business for Good TV, host Brenda Thomson talks money with Dheeraj Sachdev from Firstclass Accounts Parkdale, Martin Cattach from Finance for Business and Andrew Poulter from IRT advisory. 

Highlights from the show include:

  • A guide to rebooting your business for SMBs
  •  Opening up new opportunities with careful management of your working capital
  • Insights into temporary changes in legislation relating to insolvency laws

Martin is a director of Finance for Business and his mission is to provide small business with the Working Capital and the Cashflow they need to enable them to grow and prosper in today’s tough business environment by providing an alternative to borrowing from the Big Banks as well as delivering advice and insights the business needs to grow.

Martin Cattach

Business Working Capital Specialist, Finance for Business

Raj has several years of financial and management accounting experience. He specializes in the value added services of cost management and product costing. Every customer is different and has individual needs, especially when it comes to financial services. Dheeraj recognizes this and makes time for you when you need it.

Dheeraj (Raj) Sachdev

Firstclass Accounts Parkdale

Specialist in Insolvency & Reconstruction, CPA Australia
Registered Liquidator
Official Liquidator
Member of ARITA
Member of the Turnaround Management Association
20 years insolvency experience
35 years total experience in financial, advisory and banking services

Andrew Poulter

IRT Advisory

About Better Business for Good TV

By small business owners, for small business owners.

All of our panelists are small business owners themselves. They are also experts in their field and share our mission of helping small businesses become more profitable, sustainable and saleable.

Every episode includes:

  • Our three panelists share their different perspectives, knowledge, insights and ideas around a business issue or challenge relevant to small business owners.
  • Each panelist also shares a useful downloadable template or checklist that you can use to implement what was covered during their segment.

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