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Episode 11: Under the Bonnet of Shift Payments


  Occasionally -never more than once every  12 weeks, and only when we see a new product attempting to make a genuine unique difference to small business owners we will run a product review episode such as this one. 

The Better Business for Good Company receives no financial benefit or incentive from any sales arising from this review. Any business considering using the product should conduct their own investigation to ensure it is the correct solution for their business objectives.

TV host Brenda Thomson talks with Paul Nayda from Get Capital about new finance product Shift Payments. (See disclaimer above)

The goal of Shift Payments is to change the financing landscape for businesses who provide trade terms to their regular customers. It's attempting to do this in four ways:

  • Improving cashflow management for sellers while letting buyers choose their own trade terms.
  • Relieving the tension between buyers and sellers. Let's face it none of us enjoy putting on our debt collection hat and asking for money.
  • Improving the accounts receivable process by putting it into the hands of experts.
  • And, perhaps most importantly in this Covid 19 environment, removing the financial risk associated with offering trade terms if one of your debtors goes into receivership.

To find out more about Shift Payments contact Better Business for Good Working Capital Strategist Martin Cattach from Finance for Business

Martin is a director of Finance for Business and his mission is to provide small business with the Working Capital and the Cashflow they need to enable them to grow and prosper in today’s tough business environment by providing an alternative to borrowing from the Big Banks as well as delivering advice and insights the business needs to grow.

Martin Cattach

Business Working Capital Specialist, Finance for Business

Free Report: 21 things highly profitable businesses do that less profitable businesses don't do

Free Report: 21 things highly profitable businesses do that less profitable businesses don't do

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