Debt Collection in a Covid-19 Environment

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In this interview Better Business for Good TV host Brenda Thomson talks with Jeanine Purdie from Business Credit Solutions and Repaid. Repaid is a debt collection agency  so as you can imagine Jeanine is working in a particularly challenging environment during Covid 19 with many, many business struggling.

Jeanine recaps on some of the legislation surrounding debtor management during the Covid 19 crisis and, what Covid 19 has meant for her industry.

AND she shares her tips on what small businesses can do to minimize the risks and impacts of bad debts both in the current situation and in more normal times


Guest Profile 

Jeanine Purdie formed Business Credit Solutions and Repaid! Collections from a client need for quality debt collection outcomes in a deregulated and sometimes confusing industry.  Jeanine makes it her mission to educate business owners on how to get paid faster with effective engagement and account processes and how to minimise risk. Her team are empowered to be mindful of the bigger picture to maximise return and enhance customer engagements.  When our debtors later call us to enquire about our services, we know we must be doing something right!

Jeanine Purdie

Business Credit Solutions

Free Report: 21 things highly profitable businesses do that less profitable businesses don't do

Free Report: 21 things highly profitable businesses do that less profitable businesses don't do

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