Core Web Vitals

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Introduced by Google in June 2021, Core Web Vitals are a set of factors designed to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of your website.  These updates from Google will impact all sites and users, therefore it’s now more important than ever to test and measure your website performance.

Better Business for Good Company co-founder and host of “BB4G TV Small Business Matters” Brenda Thomson chats with Damian Newton and Michelle Barnard Marks from Redline Digital Media to find out…..

  1. What are Core Web Vitals in layman’s terms?
  2. How much weight is Google giving Core Web Vitals?
  3. When is this all happening?
  4. How do I test my website’s Core Web Vitals Score? How do I know what to fix?
  5. Can we afford to ignore core web Vitals? Will my website be penalised if I don’t take action?
  6. Google updates often take businesses by surprise. How often do we need to check Core Web Vitals, and will the rules change again

Guest Profile 

Redline Digital is a digital design agency based in South Melbourne, Australia. Their team consists of award-winning designers and online marketing experts that guide everything they produce. We have evolved by staying true to our core principles – honesty, diligent hard work, and tenacity.
Redline Digital assist you by integrating creativity with today’s technology in order to achieve your online business objectives.

Damian Newton and Michelle Barnard Marks

co-founders, Redline Digital Media

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