Step 2

Benchmark your results


Compare your baseline results against business best practice benchmarks and see how your business stacks up.

What the data told us

About the business best practice benchmarks

The items in the BIPlan System were originally tested with over 100 small business owners.  Here’s what the results told us:

  • Only 40% of respondents were profitable. (This is consistent with other small business statistics.)
  • Everyone scoring less than 30% on the BIPlan System was losing money
  • Everyone scoring more than 50% was at least breaking even
  • Everyone scoring more than 80% was profitable.
  • Of the 40 profitable businesses in the study, 39 scored at least 50% on the BIPlan System.

What your BIPlan System Benchmark Report Shows You.

Each of the coloured tiles tells you exactly where your business is at in relation to best practice benchmarks for that module.

When you click on a tile to open the checklist you will see at a glance exactly what you still need to do to reach best practice benchmarks and make your business more profitable, scalable and saleable.

BIPlan System Company Benchmark Score

Share the results with your team or your advisors!

Your BIPlan System benchmark results are completely confidential.

You choose who you want to share them with.

  • Engage your team in identifying areas for improvement and celebrating the progress you have already made.
  • Engage with advisors to help you prioritise and implement your improvement plans.

Build your business on strong foundations.

Measure and benchmark your business practices using the BIPlan System confidential business health check. Improve your business practices to make your business more profitable, scaleable and saleable.