Better Business for Good TV

Episode 10: Company Culture - the WHAT, the WHY, the HOW

On this episode of Better Business for Good TV host Brenda Thomson talks with:

  • Brand strategist Peter Engelhardt
  • HR specialist Catie Paterson
  • Cultural Change expert Zac Zawalski  and
  • Business Performance consultant Dr Linda Wilson

who share their perspectives on Culture…

  • What it is and what it is not…
  • Whether it’s important to small businesses or if  it’s only the arena of big business
  • How it delivers to the bottom line
  • And finally what determines culture and how to change it.

About the Panelists

“Catie Paterson HR specialises in providing services that are tailored to suit small to medium businesses to help support their growth and strategic plans.

We look after businesses by offering practical, ‘no nonsense’ HR solutions.”

Catie Paterson

HR strategist, Catie Paterson Strategic HR Consulting

Peter Engelhardt is a brand consultant and entrepreneur focused on strategic branding and design for small to medium sized enterprises. He is the founder and driving force behind the strategic branding and design agency, Creative Brew and Plan2Brand, the world’s only interactive eTool designed to help businesses create their brand strategy.

Peter Engelhardt


Bringing a unique perspective on personal and professional growth I help people develop adaptable minds – imperative in the current climate. My objectives are to provide motivational frameworks, positive mind flow tools, structured processes and neurology based solutions to create and leverage success and psychological safety for the individual and team.

Dr Linda Wilson

Create Consciousness

Zac has a passion foe behavioural and cultural change which form a key part of his professional and volunteer life. Zac has over ten years’ experience working with corporate organisations on technology transformation programs and within crisis management where culture plays a pivotal role to success. In recent years, Zac has expanded this work  to support organisations in professional & community sport and higher education to implement foundations for successful cultural and behavioural development within their organisations

Zac Zawalski

About Better Business for Good TV

By small business owners, for small business owners.

All of our guests are small business owners themselves. They are also experts in their field and share our mission of helping small businesses build better businesses and contribute to a better world.

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