Build a Better Business for Good

Join a Community of Australian small business owners who have come together to help one another build better businesses.
Use our unique BIPlan® Business Improvement and Planning System to identify the strengths, weaknesses and risks in your business and create a strategic business improvement plan.
Get advice, support and learn the strategies you need to build a profitable, scalable, saleable business in the challenging world we live in.



All while giving back to others and contributing to a better world

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Continuous Improvement

Always striving for better... whatever better means to you. For us it means to continuously innovate and grow to build a better business, better serve our clients and our community, and contribute to a better world.


There's a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. By working together we can support one another to build better businesses, better support our customers, and contribute to a better world.


We made the Better Business for Good Company a Social Enterprise because we believe that every person and every business has a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place. We hope you feel the same.

Truth and Integrity

These go without saying. Without truth, honesty and integrity nothing else has meaning. 

It’s time to start
building better

Business Resource Library

Access past episode of BB4G.TV along with checklists, guides and templates provided by TV guests and other business experts to enhance your business practices

Business Health Checker and Improvement Planning Tool

Your own BIPlan System® account so you can identify the gaps in your business practices that may be holding you back or putting your business at risk.  Then use the tool to develop an ongoing risk minimisation and business improvement plan and a comprehensive blueprint and guide for actionable business improvement, throughout your business journey from start-up to preparing for sale.

Expert Advisors

Connect with awesome business specialists who freely share their insights, strategies, and methods for success.

Online and Offline Connection

Creating opportunities for conversation and true connection via a dedicated app, frequent Zoom video chats, and in-person meetups (when we’re allowed again).

Goals and Accountability

Individual goal settings on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis with the support and encouragement of all.

Join the Better Business for Good Community

A community of Australian small business owners helping one another build better businesses.

All while giving back to others and contributing to a better world.


Already a member?

Think giving back is cool? So do we!

Join a community where giving back is a core value.


We’re a social enterprise. 100% of all profits are donated to causes Making a Difference.

Yep! You read that right. We donate 100% of our profits every year to organisations helping people living in extreme poverty and disadvantage start their own small businesses and escape the poverty trap.  How awesome is that?!?!


Will your business be a survivor or a statistic?

There are lots of stats bandied around about rates of business failure and it’s hard to distinguish the facts behind the numbers…. generally they are based on numbers of businesses that cease trading, but then not every business that closes is a failure.

Still when you look hard it’s pretty clear that at least 1 in 3 businesses is unlikely to make it beyond their 3rd year, and it’s tougher for manufacturing and retail businesses than for service business. (The graph is taken from The ABS Australian Small Business Key Statistics and Analysis Report 2012)

Then there’s the impact of the COVID-19 crisis… and it’s clear that every business needs all the help they can get.

So you have a choice!

  1. Do you want to continue to go it alone and hope for the best? (The old, hard way)
  2. Or do you want to join a community of like-minded business owners, all committed to working together to help one another succeed and contribute to making the world a better place? (The Better Business for Good way!) 

The door to option 2 is open right now…. what future do you choose for your business?

Join the Better Business for Good Community

A community of Australian small business owners helping one another build better businesses.

All while giving back to others and contributing to a better world.


A group of loyal and supportive business owners who have each other’s back. It’s a community that exists for the benefit of all members.

Peter Engelhardt

Founder and CEO, Plan2Brand

It’s not only connection with other like Minded business owners it’s business education like no other.

Lisa Wiking


Got Questions?

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Do I have to be a small business owner to get in?

Yes, you do. In order to be eligible for the community, you must be an Australian small business owner. You may be just starting out, and looking for all the help you can get; or you may be a seasoned veteran who wants to give back and help others succeed. 

So how do you define a SMALL business?

For statistical purposes, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) defines a small business as an actively trading business with 0–19 employees.  But we’re not going to be too picky, if you’re a business owner with 25 or even 50 employees, AND you’re giving and getting value we’re not going to ask you to leave. 

How do the Zoom Calls and Lunch and Learns Work?

For Better Business Builder Members we hold monthly lunch and learn sessions with community experts on topics identified by members, plus we host monthly community Zoom calls with time to connect, share ideas, and help and support one. 

What's your mission and vision?

Our mission is to help small business owners build better businesses and contribute to a better world.

We plan to do this by turning 100% of the profits we make from providing products and services to help small businesses in Australia thrive into micro-finance to help people in developing countries and in indigenous Australian communities start their own businesses and escape the poverty trap.

Our Vision

We’ve set a few goal posts to keep us focused on our journey and we’ll continue to update these along the way.

  • By the end of 2020 we aim to have funded 100 micro-loans by creating a vibrant community of small business owners where everyone contributes to the betterment of one another – giving members the support, insights and knowledge they need to succeed.
  • By the year 2022 we aim have expanded our operations outside of Australia and to have funded 5000 microloans
  • By the year 2025, we aim to have funded 1 million microloans by helping small business owners around the world to build more profitable, sustainable and saleable businesses.

We’ll be sharing updates as we progress through the next stages of this journey and will keep you updated here, in our Community Hub, and on Facebook and LinkedIn

Who are the business experts and what's in it for them?

All of our business experts are experienced business specialists and advisors who are committed to our mission of supporting small businesses to be more successful and to contributing to a better world.

They also all meet our strict customer feedback and quality control guidelines, surveying their clients on a regular basis and maintaining a high standard of client satisfaction.

  Why are they participating? What’s in it for them?

  1. All of them are passionate about contribution and giving back to the community, being part of something bigger provides them with great joy and satisfaction.
  2. Like you, they benefit from the mutual support, camaraderie, accountability and shared wisdom that comes from being part of our Better Business for Good Community.
  3. Finally, and probably of least importance to many of them, is the knowledge that what they give will inevitably come back, with increased brand awareness, increased credibility and eventually increased client numbers. We’re sure that you will support them as they support you.
What's the BIPlan System?

The BIPlan System® is a comprehensive business assessment and business improvement planning tool developed by business specialists to help small business owners 

  • identify the gaps in their business practices that may be holding them back or putting their business at risk
  • develop and implement their own prioritised business improvement plan

The BIPlan System® is included in all Better Business Builder  memberships.

Find out more about the BIPlan System ®

Is there really an application process?

Absolutely there is!

Anyone can optin to access the library but to become a Better Business Builder  we want to know that we’re a fit for you, and you’re a fit for us.

What makes someone a fit?  It’s ALL about our purpose and values… if you’re an Australian small business owner who wants to build a better business and contribute to a better world and who’s genuinely committed to continuous improvement, collaboration; contribution; and truth, transparency and integrity; and if you’d love to be part of a community where everyone feels the same way, then you’ll be welcome in our community.

Do I have to be in Australia?

YES! We’re an Australian business and we want to work with and support other Aussie business owners. 

So what's the catch here?

There is no catch! It’s a WIN WIN WIN. 

By everyone committing to contribute to the community in whatever way they can, every member wins. And because we’re a social enterprise every membership fee helps to make a difference to someone less fortunate. 

How does the Social Enterprise thing work?
A social enterprise operates like any for profit business,  paying wages and investing in all the things necessary to create great products and stay competitive.
The main difference to other for-profit companies, is that social enterprises donate anything from 50% to 100% of their profits to fund social change.  Think Who Gives a Crap and Thank You Company
Here at the Better Business for Good Company, we donate 100% of our profits to our Business for Good Partners: organisations which provide finance, training and support to assist individuals living in extreme poverty or under systemic discrimination to successfully start their own businesses, or to gain fair and equitable employment. 
We believe in total transparency and we’ll make our financials available on the website each year so you can see exactly how our funds are being spent.
PLUS we’ll provide you with impact updates when they’re available so you can find out more about the work of our partners and the difference you’re helping to make in breaking down systemic inequality and lifting people out of extreme poverty.  You can view our constitution here.