Sample BIPlan System Business Best Practice Health Check Questions

Your company will receive questions that are tailored to your company’s size and industry sector. Below are a few examples.


From the strategic planning module

  • Do  you have a clearly documented one year business action plan, linked to your strategic plan which includes S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives for the year?

From the business vision module

  • Do you have a Business Vision which describes your long term goals for your business?

From the business structures module

  • Does your business structure protect the personal assets of the proprietors from claims against your business?

From the social responsibility module

  • Do you carefully monitor all of the businesses in your supply chain to ensure that they are environmentally and socially responsible and wherever possible choose to do business with companies which have policies and processes in place to maximise their positive social and environmental impact?

From the team communication module (Only visible if you have staff)

  • Do your team meeting and communication processes ensure you have an effective way to share key information across all your people on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to maintain alignment and drive accountability?
Financial Management

From the Cashflow Management Module

  • Are you fully aware of the various finance options available outside of your current banking facility including asset finance, debtor finance facility and working capital loans?

From the Financial Goals Module

  • Do you know the ideal mix of products/services to achieve the highest level of gross profit?

From the Product and Services Costs Module

  • Do you know the total cost of your direct labour per unit, after allowing for wage on costs, leave and non-chargeable time?

From the Operating Costs Module

  • Do you regularly (at least annually) monitor phone, and power and other overhead costs against the current prices available in the market?

From the Debtor Management Module

  • Do you have clear terms and conditions on your sales contracts which include expectations for customer payment and our customers are aware of consequences for late or non-payment?

From the Business Systems Module

  • Do you have detailed operations manuals, task lists and instruction documentation covering all of the activities required for the effective day to day operations of our business, including rare and infrequent ones?

From the Operating Systems Module 

  • Do you use automated workflow scheduling and/or project management software to ensure that steps in your operating systems are not missed, including rare and infrequent tasks?

From the Stock Management Module

  • Do you have formal security, obsolescence and stock handling processes in place to minimise the devaluation of your stock holding?

From the Technology Systems Module

  • Are all technology investment decisions based on providing a positive return on investment and improving capacity to achieve business goals?



Branding and Marketing

From the Brand Identity Module

  • Do you review all aspects of your Brand Identity at least once every 12 months to ensure that it remains up to date and continues to resonate with your ideal clients?

From the Brand Promise Module

  • Is meeting your Brand Promise the core focus of all your business activities?

From the Company Purpose Module

  • Is meeting your company purpose consistently a critical factor in your decision making processes?

From the Core Values Module

  • Are all your business goals, objectives and strategies directly linked to your values?

From the Market Position Module

  • Do your logo, website, social media presence and all your marketing and advertising collateral clearly demonstrates how you differ fromyour competition in ways that resonate with your ideal clients?

From the Marketing Plan Module

  • Are all activities in your Marketing Plan fully costed, within budget and consistent with your overall business objectives?

From the Target Market Module

  • Have you clearly defined your ideal buyer(s)?

Customer Relationships

From the Sales Module

  • Do you have an effective sales process which predictably converts prospects to new clients so you know how many prospects are needed in order to meet your sales targets?

From the Customer Communication Module

  • Do you communicate at least monthly with all of your customers and prospects to ensure that you  stay top of mind and maintain brand awareness?

From the Customer Service Module

  • Do you have clearly documented customer service policies and processes in place? 

From the Customer Feedback Module

  • Do you have a customer feedback process that ensures that feedback is sought from every client throughout their customer journey, at the appropriate stages and the appropriate frequency?

From the Reputation Management Module

Do you have Google Alerts set up so you are notified whenever your company and brand are mentioned so you can respond appropriately?

Human Resource Management

From the Ending Employment/Exiting Employees Module.

  • Do you follow a legally compliant process when terminating employees to minimise any risk of unfair dismissal and/or adverse action?

From the HR Policies and Procedures Module

  • Do you have an up to date Employee Handbook? (detailing your organisation's unique history, vision and purpose, values, policies and procedures).

From the Legal Compliance and Employee Records Module

  • Is all employee information i.e. Employment Agreements, personal contact information, salary information etc. kept secure and confidential?

From the Performance Management and Training and Development Module

  • Do all staff have KPIs based around the SMART framework (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound)?

From the Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding, Induction Module

  • Do you have have a structured induction and on-boarding program in place for new employees when they join your business? 

From the Remuneration, Benefits, Incentives Module

  • Do you have a documented culture code document which reflects the lived experience of working in your organisation and which is used to assist with recruitment, performance management, communication and expectation management?

From the Team Communication Module

  • Do your managers meet regularly (at least once a week) with all members of their teams to ensure effective two way communication and monitor progress against business plans?

From the Workplace Health and Safety Module

  • Do you retain up to date copies of First Aid Officer Certificates and ensure you have the adequate number of First Aid Officers for your organisation?