Business best practice brand identity

Your brand is your chance to set yourself and your business apart from the competition.  Review your business practices against best practice business benchmarks to see how your business measures up.

Your brand identity is everything that is communicated publicly to portray the personality of your organisation, it’s products and services. It’s the feeling that someone has when they think about your product, service or company.

Your brand is not simply a logo! A company’s logo stands as an emblem for all that your brand encompasses.

Your brand is everything your customer or potential customer, your staff and your other stakeholders see, hear, feel, experience, believe and remember through all of these various channels:

  • Logo
  • Graphics
  • Website
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Product
  • Decor
  • Messaging
  • Customer Experience
  • Staff appearance and behaviour

Are you conveying the message you want?  Review the checklist or watch the video and find out.

Business Best Practice Brand Identity: The Checklist

  • We have a clearly defined Brand Identity which reflects our values and our market position and resonates with our ideal clients.
  • Our logo, website, social media presence and all our marketing and advertising collateral are consistent and effectively represents our brand identity.
  • Our physical environment (e.g. office and reception space etc.) reflects our brand identity.
  • We have a fully documented Style Guide which details all key features of our visual brand identity to ensure consistency across all of our marketing and advertising collateral.
  • We have a fully documented Communications Guide which defines our voice, tone and communication style, which ensures consistency in all of our marketing and advertising collateral.
  • We review all aspects of our Brand Identity at least once every 12 months to ensure that it remains up to date and continues to resonate with our ideal clients.
  • Our Style Guide, Communications Guide and all of our brand collateral, logos, images, marketing designs etc are held in one central library which is regularly updated and easily accessible to everyone who needs to use it.

What are Best Practice Benchmarks?

Also known as generic or process benchmarks.

As the names suggests Best Practice Benchmarking involves identification of best practices across generic functions, processes or operations, identifying the most effective operating practices from other businesses that perform similar functions.

Best Practice Benchmarking is effective across the full range of generic business operations: branding, marketing, sales, operations, financial management, technology, human resources, risk mitigation and strategic planning.

The Better Business for Good Company BIPlan System® is an example of Best Practice Benchmarking.  Developed by a team of small business specialists the BIPlan System enables every small business to benchmark their business against  over 200 individual benchmarks covering areas as diverse as brand identity, financial management, management of people and risk, customer relationships and environmental impact. Each item is important in their own right, some take longer to implement than others, but taken as a whole they help a business to become more profitable as well as a good corporate citizen.  

Other types of business benchmarking include performance, functional, operational, industry and competitive.

Learn more about how the different forms of benchmarking can help your business.

Want to make your business more profitable, scalable and saleable?

Measure, manage and improve your business against more best practice benchmark checklists like this.

Developed by small business specialists, the BIPlan System is the most credible tool a small business can use to measure, manage and improve their business practices against best practice standards.

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  2. Compare your answers to best practice standards developed, tested and proven by Australian small business specialists
  3. Create and implement a customized improvement plan for your business with our best practice guides and the support of our business advisors and specialists to help you implement.
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