Be a Better Business for Good Brand Ambassador

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador 

We hope the information below answers any questions you have or please contact us directly

Better Business for Good Company (BB4G) Brand Ambassadors are usually motivated by one or more of the following things….

  1. You believe as we do, that no business with good products or services should struggle, fail, or fail to realise their full potential because they didn’t know what they didn’t know about  building a profitable, sustainable, saleable business and you want to help reduce small business failure amongst your network.
  2. You want to be part of a community with shared values that is working to make a real and sustainable difference in the world
  3. You’re a B2B business and you’re looking for tools and resources that can help you better support and add real value to your clients
  4. You’re a B2B business and you are looking for opportunities to build your brand reputation and grow your database.
  5. You’d love to send out a regular newsletter to your database and clients, or participate more on social media but you don’t have enough high quality content to share.
  6. You’re looking for an additional revenue stream that will contribute, not distract from your business.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Each week you’ll receive a new Better Business Challenge Checklist tool (either a checklist infographic, video, or e-book) that you can share on social media and in your newsletter to add value to your network. 
  • We’ll provide you with regular new articles and downloads contributed by Better Business for Good TV show guests. You pick out the ones you want to use and share them on social media and in your newsletter. 
  • You’ll receive your own unique BB4G Ambassador link that you can use to share BB4G tools and resources.
  •  You’ll have access to your own BB4G Better Business Challenge Control Panel where you can track users and view statistics and reports.
  • You’ll be able to contribute to the research behind the Better Business Challenge, identifying the critical factors which underpin business success. 
  • As a thank you, for each business that joins the Better Business Challenge using your link, we’ll either pay you $100.00  or we’ll contribute the $100 directly to one of the causes in our BB4G giving program on your behalf.  It’s completely up to you. 
  • As a BB4G Brand Ambassador, you may also be invited to participate as a guest on BB4G TV or to contribute to our library of tools and resources.
  • And of course you’ll be making a real difference in helping The Better Business for Good Company realise its mission of helping people living with disadvantage start their own businesses and escape the poverty trap.
  • Finally as a BB4G Brand Ambassador you’ll be part of a collaborative community of like-minded business owners who share similar values and who are passionate about supporting one another in business and making a difference to small business owners and to the world.

All BB4G Brand Ambassadors are using the BIPlan System to build more profitable businesses for themselves! We don’t believe you can ethically endorse something that you don’t use or believe in. 

  1. If you haven’t yet done so your first step is to book an obligation free demo.  Already a BIPlan System User? Let us know and we’ll be in touch to get you started as a Brand Ambassador. 
  2. If you decide to go ahead and use the BIPlan System for your business we’ll send you an invitation to become a Brand Ambassador.  No need to do anything else right now. 
  3. If you accept the invitation you’ll receive your Brand Ambassador Welcome Kit and you’ll become a part of our Brand Ambassador Inner Circle. 
  4. Got more questions? No problems  – get in touch we’re happy to help
  5. We hope to see you in the  Brand Ambassador Inner Circle soon. 
The BB4G Advisory Partner Program

The BB4G Advisory Partner Program is for accountants, business coaches, and consultants and business brokers who want to be able to incorporate the Better Business Challenge as part of your service offering to add more value to the services you provide your clients.

The BIPlan System provides you with a comprehensive online business diagnostic and business improvement planning tool kit so you can easily and effectively help your prospects and clients identify the gaps in their business practices and work with them to create and implement a business improvement plan.

The BIPlan System enables you to work with your prospects and clients in a variety of different ways depending on your business model and your business goals:

  • Use the BIPlan System as an entry level diagnostic tool to show prospective clients the gaps in their business practices and how you can help them become more profitable, sustainable and saleable.
  • Use the BIPlan System as a framework for your ongoing business advisory services
  • Use the BIPlan System as a structure for providing a group coaching program
  • Use the BIPlan System to support your clients and your strategic partners by highlighting gaps in your clients’ business practices that your strategic partners can help to remedy.
  • Use the BIPlan System lead nurturing system to help you easily and consistently add value and maintain relationships with your prospects.

Interested in learning more?  Book an obligation free demo find out how it could work for you and your business

Find out how the BIPlan System can help you build a better business and contribute to a better world.