Tax Planning 2022 & Tax and Business Updates

Paying tax is great: the more successful your business is the more tax you pay. However, paying too much tax is wasteful. Are you paying too much tax? How can you minimise what you pay? And – what tax concessions can you utilise to both invest in your business as well as help minimise your tax?

In this webinar hosts Brenda Thomson and Martin Cattach talk to Business Tax Specialist Ian Harris and Chartered Accountant Maria Coleman about Tax Planning.

Help you minimise and manage your forseeable tax obligations, and utilise available tax concessions.

57 minute watch. 

Meet the Panelists

Ian is an experienced professional business advisor in the SME area with many years of experience. He likes to use the “business model canvas”​ developed by Alex Osterwalder to assist clients to review and develop their businesses. He loves coaching entrepreneurs and business startups, and helping all businesses achieve their potential.

Ian Harris

Business Tax Specialist , B+I Lockwood Accountants Pty Ltd

Maria Coleman is a Chartered Accountant with many years of experience. She is a tax consultant, SMSF and business advisor, who particularly likes to work with businesses that are growing and developing to help them achieve their goals. She also likes to work with businesses with their succession planning, and helping them get ready for business sale or purchase.

Maria Coleman

Chartered Accountant, Morella Tyson