Keeping your Business Secure Online

Online crime is a profitable and growing industry.   Australian businesses of all sizes are tempting targets.

These days many of your most valuable assets are digital. Protecting your livelihood now means keeping that information safe and your  financial accounts protected. Whatever your industry or the size of your business you need to know how to minimise your risk of being the target of cybercrime.

In this 10 minute video IT Security Specialist Damien Battersby from Proactive Technology Partners and insurance specialist Polina Kesov from iiA insurance cut through the noise to explain the risks and the  kinds of cyber crime currently targeting small business and if and how it could impact your business.

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Meet the Panelists

When I started my first IT business back in 2002, I wanted to build a company that got noticed for the real change we brought to our client’s lives. Today, I’m proud to support so many wonderful small and medium businesses in and around Melbourne – and to have partnered with them to bring positive changes to so many.

My clients enjoy:
• a true strategic partnership, focussed on empowering your business to do more
• friendly technology experts who keep it human
• a wealth of expertise and information on current, new and emerging technology.

Damien Battersby

Proactive Technology Partners

Polina is the director of iiA,  a dedicated Team of professionals that specialise in delivering unique, customised and innovative Insurance solutions for you  and your business.

ii-A was established by industry specialists in early 2006; we have enjoyed a steady growth and are recognised as a leading and progressive firm by our corporate partners and clients. We have earned our reputation for professionalism from our commitment to giving special attention to the needs and requirements of every one of our clients.

Polina’s areas of expertise include Business Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Construction Insurance.

Polina Kesov

iiA Insurance

The Transcript Summary

Welcome to stop the noise where small business specialists cut through the clutter to hone in on practical things, small business owners can do to solve business challenges and move their business forward. In today’s episode, host Brenda Thomson and Kerry Anne Nelson are talking with it security specialist Damien Battersby from Proactive Technology Partners and insurance specialist olina Kesov from iiA Insurance about keeping your business secure online.

What’s the current state of play around cyber crime in Australia at the moment?

  • some stats from the Australian cybersecurity centre
    • a 13% increase on the previous year in reports coming in.
    • 16 and half thousand cyber crime reports reported,
    • self-reported losses from cyber crime totaled more than 33 billion.
    • that’s just the stuff that’s reported. a lot of people don’t report so it’s going to be a lot higher.
  • What we’ve been seeing: observations from our panelists
    • fraud online,
    • shopping scams,
    •  online banking scams all been in the top ones reported.
    • The professional, scientific and medical technical services industries are where a lot of the cyber crime has been happening or been focused on. The sort of industries that have been under pressure with COVID,.
    • There’s no doubt that, the pandemic,  has caused an increase in cyber crime.
    • It’s definitely still a major threat.

What’s been reported specifically in the small business field?

The Australian cyber security centre do a yearly survey and they look at the SMB sector -businesses with up to 200 employees.  They surveyed about2000 people last year.

  • 62% of those people said that they’d been victims of cyber crime in some way.
  • A lot of them misunderstood how important cybersecurity was.
  • A lot of them were unaware of things like phishing. Only 20% of respondents knew what it is.
  • With work from home, a lot of companies were not equipped to make sure their staff had adequate resources and ways to protect their data. Two factor authentication was not available for a lot of companies. Insecure passwords on computers and systems, laptops, phones.
  • Overall lack of employee education: Employees losing phones and laptops with crucial data for the company they work for. Or leaving them unsecured at home with their roommates.
    • Typical scams were through emails and mobile phones
      • Online shopping
      • People pretending to be calling because your computer’s got a problem
      • Home delivery scams
      • Superannuation scams
      • Malicious software installations

    How much should businesses be budgeting for cyber protection?

    A lot of businesses think that if they’ve got backup and antivirus that’s all they need.  The reality is that these days you need layers of security. you’re probably looking at least $20 or $30 a person per month to, to provide all the protection that you need, adequate email filtering proper antivirus, password management, all those things to cover off on the things that cyber criminals take advantage of.

    10 things you can do to protect your business online.

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