How to let go of the tasks a business owner shouldn’t do

How often have you considered outsourcing the work you do as a business owner and then stop before you even start because you don’t know what tasks you can outsource?

Too many business owners needlessly spend time on tasks that:

– Aren’t the best use of their time 

– Don’t have to be done by them

– Don’t generate income

– They don’t enjoy doing.

But when it comes to identifying those tasks, and then letting go of them, that’s where they get stuck.

In this webinar hosts Brenda Thomson and Kerry Anne Nelson talk to Business Software Consultant Sarah Higgins about How to let go of the tasks a business owner shouldn’t do.

Identify (and then let go of!) the tasks that a business owner should not be doing themselves.

10 minute watch. 

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Meet the Panelist

The combination of the diverse range of technical skills Sarah accrued via her work in IT support and training, led her to create The Helping Hands Group – a Melbourne based Virtual Assistance, Business Software Consulting and Training company.

Sarah and her team help business owners regain lost time and reduce their business headaches by outsourcing the tasks they shouldn’t be doing, don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do.

Sarah Higgins

Business Software Consultant, The Helping Hands Group