How to get your customer to do all the work!

Most businesses waste a lot of time and effort when dealing with customers. All the time spent on sales calls, customer meetings, writing proposals, preparing and signing contracts, emails, filing and then fulfilling the sales, really adds up. Now with very low cost technologies it is possible to reduce the paper work considerably. Best of all your customer will be happy as your business is seen as fast and responsive and providing superior service. 

It all starts with well designed forms. Have your customer fill out the details your need in the format you need and then use that information to kick off all the boring bits in the office. Find out how to create your forms and then use that to automate the office work in the back ground, all without any human intervention.

In this webinar hosts Brenda Thomson and Kerry Anne Nelson talk to Sales Process Specialist Peter Burgess and IT Specialist John Braakhuis about How to get your customer to do all the work!

Discover the secrets on how to use client forms and automation to dramatically cut your paper work and eliminate boring and repetitive office tasks.

10 minute watch. 

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Meet the Panelists

Peter Burgess is an experienced technologist with more than 20 years direct experience as a technical architect, designer and process consultant. 

In 2008 Peter founded Olivitek Software, a regional provider of IT consulting and custom development services in Victoria, Australia. In 2019 Peter launched his sales process consulting brand – Process Culture.

Process Culture help sales teams understand and optimise their sales processes and leverage technology to effectively manage their customer relationships and follow up opportunities.

Peter Burgess

Sales Process Specialist , Process Culture

John Braakhuis is the owner and founder of Excelero IT Solutions. John’s background is in both Computer Engineering and Product Management and Marketing. This means he can bridge the gap between the geeks and what businesses really need and are able to understand. John’s goal and purpose is to help small business reap the benefits of technology and avoid the pitfalls.

John Braakhuis

IT Specialist, Excelero IT Solutions