Don’t become a Business Failure: Budget your way to Success!

Get clarity on what you can DO to minimise risk and become a Financial Management Powerhouse. 1 in every 3 Australian businesses operating in 2017 failed to survive until 2021. One of the key reasons for failure was lack of planning – market demand, working capital requirements, business systems, production capacity, service/product profitability, and overhead expenses. A budget brings all of this together. If you don’t plan your business, you need to start now. You will learn to recognise signs of distress without the accounting jargon. Walk away with an executable checklist of things you can do right away to create a successful and lasting business.

In this webinar hosts Brenda Thomson and Martin Cattach talks to Financial Management Specialist Robin Snelling and Financial Advisor Chris Kondou about how a budget can prepare you for the uncertainties ahead and the key elements in creating a budget for your business .

10 minute watch. 

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Meet the Panelists

Robin is a Chief Financial Officer with Virtual CFO Group Australia. He was CFO for Leader Newspapers, a subsidiary of News Corporation, and has worked with SME clients, including trades and services, manufacturing, wholesale and professional services, for the past 9 years. Virtual CFO Group Australia is at the forefront of this emerging industry in Australia and Robin is a founding member of the Association of Virtual CFOs. Services provided include forecasting and planning, financial systems development, performance reporting, finance and capital management, advice on business investments, financial analytics, finance training and bookkeeping.

Robin Snelling

Financial Management Specialist , Virtual CFO Group

Much like a financial advisor helps individuals with their personal finances I give businesses peace of mind that they have cash to meet expenses & fund the business of their dreams by providing financial stewardship that focuses on 3 Principles: More Cash; Increased Profits; More Time and Peace of Mind.

Chris is a member of CPA Australia and the Association of Virtual CFO’s and have over 25 years commercial experience across Wholesale, Manufacturing and Professional Services firms.

Chris Kondou

Financial Advisor, KanDoConsult Business Advisory