Meet the Better Business for Good Business Advisor Network

We’re on a mission to ensure every small business has access to the knowledge, resources and support you need to succeed.

Running a successful business is complex.  It takes a range of skills and expertise you don’t usually find in one person.

But what if you could find all that knowledge and expertise in one easy to access place with advisors and specialists you can trust?

A bit about us!

We’re an assorted mix of young, not so young, male and female, funny and serious, loud and quiet human beings.

But there are some really important things we all have in common.

  • We’re all small business owners like you. We’ve faced the same business challenges. We’ve walked a mile in your shoes and we know first hand how rough the going can be.
  • We’ve all met the Better Business for Good Company exacting standards for professional excellence, integrity, contribution and collaboration.
  • We’re all business advisors and specialists who are passionate about helping SMEs thrive and we want to make a meaningful difference in the world.
  • We all love working together  – it’s the best way we know to build better businesses, better support our clients and the small business community, AND have a real impact on things that matter.

How we work together

The BB4G Business Advisor Network is not just a group of businesses listed in a directory, or a bunch of employees in a large consultancy firm.

We’re all small business owners like you.

The real magic is in how we work together.

We meet regularly, sharing knowledge and ideas and working collaboratively so we can better help YOU develop a planned and integrated approach to business problem solving, improvement and growth.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to ensure every small business owner has access to the knowledge and support they need to succeed.

Our  Vision

We want to be known as Australia’s most trusted source of knowledge and support for small business owners.
We’re working hard together to make sure we deserve the title.

Our Why

Well that’s a hard one… because we’re all different. One thing we do all have in common is that we want to see more small businesses succeed.  Beyond that click on our profiles and say HELLO or read on to discover how you can work with us.  We’d love to get to know you and we’re here to help!.

PS If you’re a business specialist or advisor and you’d like to join us and help make a bigger difference for business, society and the planet you can find out more here.

Four Ways to Work with Us

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Better business advice, whatever stage you're at.

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Monthly goal setting and accountability program

 Business Specialist Advice you can rely on.

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