Best Practice Customer Feedback

Best Practice Customer Feedback


Businesses that listen to their customers grow faster.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition you should never stop asking for, listening, and responding to customer feedback whether it’s positive or negative.

Review your customer feedback practices against this best practice guide.

Review the Checklist

  • We have an embedded customer feedback process that ensures that feedback is sought from every client throughout their customer journey, at the appropriate stages and the appropriate frequency.
  •  We respond to customer feedback so that our customers know they have been heard and listened to.
  •  We make use of relevant online review sites as part of our customer feedback strategy.
  •  We use the results of customer feedback to inform our strategic planning process, including the development of new products and services.
  •  We track our customer feedback results to make sure that our results are improving.
  •  We link the results of our customer feedback processes with our marketing and customer referral strategy.
  •  Our customer feedback policy and processes are fully documented. They reflect our Brand Identity and match the expectations of our ideal clients.
  •  We use customer feedback to improve our systems and processes for the future.

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