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Best Practice Brand Promise

Best Practice Brand Promise

Your Brand Promise represents everything your company stands for.
Or does NOT stand for.
A brand promise is the tangible, emotional, and aspirational benefits your customer can expect to gain by using your brand or dealing with you.
A great brand promise reflects careful consideration, courage, and creativity.
The best brand promises go big, challenge the status quo, and connect with consumers on a deep emotional level.

Watch the video to discover how best practices businesses develop and use their brand promises.

Business Best Practice Brand Promise: The Checklist

  • We have a Brand Promise statement and it is simple and easy for everybody to remember and live up to.
  • Our Brand Promise is clearly displayed on our website and in all of our marketing collateral.
  • Our Brand Promise statement clearly demonstrates how we are different from our competitors, it clearly describes the value we deliver to our target customers and it is grounded in what they care about most.
  • Meeting our Brand Promise is the core focus of all our business activities.
  • We use our Brand Promise as a strategic planning and business improvement tool for analysing and closing gaps by asking “what do we need to improve/do better, to meet our promise”.

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