The BIPlan System Help Files

Valuable resources to help you build a better business provided by our BIPlan Mentors and guest specialists

Need help with implementing action items from the BIPlan System?

As a BB4G BIPlan User you don’t need to go it alone.

There is not much point knowing what you need to do to improve your business if you don’t take action to implement the improvements.

Some of the items in the BIPlan System are quick and easy to implement, some are far more complex.

But don’t worry – we have a library of resources and a team of specialists to support you.

The BIPlan System Helpline

You can ask for help about any item in any of the BIPlan System checklists at any time using the BIPlan System helpline.

Just fill out the BIPlan System Help Line form and one of our BIPlan System specialists will get back to you either by phone or email to answer you question or help you solve your challenge.

The Checklist Guides

At the top of each BIPlan Checklist you’ll find a link to a Checklist Guide.  These guides cover:

  • why each item in the checklist is important
  • how to know if you meet the item
  • what to do if you don’t

Go to the blue View by Module tab on your BIplan Dashboard. You’ll find the link to the Checklist Guide at the top of each checklist

Weekly Checklist Chats

Each week at BB4G we focus on a different checklist so every Checklist is covered at least once a year.

Every Wednesday between 12.30pm and 1.30pm one of our BIPlan System mentors is available over Zoom to answer your questions about HOW to implement the action items in the Checklist of the Week.

Then on the last Wednesday of each month one of our BIPlan Advisors will answer questions about how to continue to prioritise your business improvement activities in line with your business goals and to best respond to any new challenges or opportunities facing your business.

You’ll find the schedule of weekly checklists and the ZOOM link in the Weekly Update sent out each Friday at around 1.30pm

The BB4G Resource Library

The BB4G Resource Library is a collection of resources provided by our BIPlan Mentors and by guest business specialists. 

Some of them are fundamental to the BIPlan System, others will help you implement different strategies and tactics depending on your business goals and objectives. 

All of the resources in the library are available to download for free by BB4G BIPlan System users. 

You can search for resources by using the tabs in the menu bar across the top of this page. 

We are regularly adding new resources to the library. When new resources are added we’ll let you know in the BB4G Weekly Update issued every Friday at around 1.30pm. 

The BIPlan System Helpline

Click the “Go to Helpline” Button to fill in the form with your question or  challenge and one of the BIPlan System mentors will get back to you either by phone or email.