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You can’t just pay to be listed in our directory – all of our Approved Better Business Advisors participate in our ongoing customer feedback and quality assurance process and are active members of our online business support community.

Search our directory for ethical, high quality business advisors and specialists who meet our exacting quality assurance standards and are committed to helping small business owners in Australia build more profitable, sustainable and saleable businesses and to making a difference in the lives of people living in poverty and systemic inequality.

Approved BB4G Advisor Status is not a recommendation or an endorsement. Every business should do your own due diligence in selecting the best advisor or supplier for your business circumstances.

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What's special about the BB4G Approved Advisors?

Approved Advisor Status is NOT something members pay extra for… it is a recognition of their high-quality services as demonstrated through ongoing participation in the Better Business Builders Community and the BB4G Customer Feedback and Quality Assurance Process.

How does the Quality Assurance Process Work?

In order to be admitted to the Better Business Advisor Network an applicant is required to:

    • Survey all of their clients from at least the past 12 months using the BB4G Customer Feedback Form which includes a Net Promoter Score Rating
    • Receive a minimum of 10 responses to their initial survey
    • Achieve a Net Promoter Score of at least 50 for their initial survey responses.
    • Implement an ongoing best practice Customer Feedback System that ensures they seek client feedback on a regular ongoing basis.
    • Continue to maintain a Net Promoter Score of at least 50 on an ongoing basis.

What happens if an advisor only sends surveys to their happy clients and not their unhappy ones?

Our process is based on an honour system. We trust our advisors to survey all of their clients both initially and on an ongoing basis. However we understand that occasionally someone will slip through who does not adhere to our values of truth and integrity. If you believe this has happened to you then please let us know right away so we can address the problem.  Your feedback is important to us.


What's a Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Net Promoter Score is an internationally recognised measure of customer satisfaction. Essentially it measures customer loyalty to a product, service, or company. Typically the score is obtained through a survey that is sent to customers after interaction with a brand. The NPS is easy to gauge, since it is based on a single question:

“On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our product/service/company to a friend or colleague?”

This is then followed up with an open question: “What is the primary reason for your score?”

How is the NPS Calculated?

Calculating the NPS is a very simple process. Based on the number that a respondent gives, they are placed into one of the following 3 categories:

  • Promoters: these are the people who have responded with a 9-10 score. They are very positive towards your product or service, and are very likely to recommend your brand to potential customers.
  • Passives: these are the people who have responded with a 7-8 score. These customers do not spread negative word of mouth, however, are not very likely to spread positive word of mouth either. The Passives are not included in your overall NPS score because their responses have a net neutral effect.
  • Detractors: these are the people who have responded with a 0-6 score. They are unhappy with your service, and are likely to damage your brand reputation with negative publicity.

To calculate your NPS subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters:

(% of Promoters) – (% of Detractors)

How Good is a NPS of 50?

  • Based on the global NPS standards, any score above 0 would be considered good, 50 and above excellent while 70 and above is considered world class).
  • That’s why we’re so proud of the NPS of many of our advisors. Scores of 90+ are not uncommon!
What are the expectations on BB4G Approved Advisors?

There are six key expectations on all BB4G Approved Advisors

  1. To live by our core values of continuous improvement; collaboration; contribution; and truth and integrity.
  2. To consistently and honestly implement your Customer Feedback System so that feedback received is a true reflection of the quality of your products or services and your commitment to customer service excellence and to maintain the required minimum NPS of 50 on an ongoing basis.
  3. To actively participate in the Better Business Builders Online Community, checking in at least once a week to respond to questions, comment on posts, contribute to discussions and engage with community members.
  4. To actively promote The Better Business for Good Company and the Better Business Builders Community by including the Better Business Advisor Badge and link to on your website and in your email signature.
  5. To actively support the Better Business for Good Company on your favourite social media channel by following The Better Business for Good Company page, regularly engaging with posts, and sharing with your network.
  6. To engage in our community improvement process helping us all to work better together, build better businesses and contribute to a better world.

What if my NPS falls below 50?

  • If your NPS falls below 50 for 2 consecutive months then your Approved Advisor Status will be revoked at the end of the second month.
  • If your NPS falls below 25 your Approved Advisor Status will be immediately revoked.
What are the benefits of being a Better Business Advisor?

BB4G Approved Advisors are, first and foremost members of the Better Business Builders Community and receive all of the benefits of community membership:

  • Collaborate with like minded business owners for goal setting, accountability, shared ideas, feedback and support.
  • Your own BIPlan System® account where you can review your business practices, identify the strengths and weaknesses and create a long term business improvement plan.
  • Regular Group Zooms and Lunch and Learn Sessions with business experts to help you implement your business improvement plan
  • A BIPlan monthly Accountability process to support you on your journey to build a better business.


In addition, as a thank you and in recognition of your proven high standards of professional excellence and commitment to the Better Business Builders Community BB4G Approved Advisors receive the following benefits:

  • A full-page search engine optimised listing on the BB4G Approved Advisors Directory
  • A BB4G Advisor Label on your profile in the Better Business Builder Community
  • A BB4G Approved Advisor Badge that you can include on your website, in your email signature block and in other marketing material.
  • The opportunity to lead a Lunch and Learn sessions on your area of expertise or to be a guest on BB4G TV at least once a year.
  • Membership to the Better Business Advisors Online Community where you are able to:
    • Collaborate with other Better Business Advisors to create strategic partnerships and referral networks.
    • Contribute to the Better Business Resource Library.
    • Participate in our Industry Update process where Advisors share information on issues of importance to small business owners either through blog posts or through episodes of Better Business for Good TV.
What is the cost of Better Business Advisor Status?

. wApproved Advisor status is not something you pay extra for.  It is a thank you and recognition for your professional excellence and contribution to the community.

Better Business Advisors must be paid up annual members of the Better Business Builder Community.

The cost of membership of the Better Business Builders Community is  $330 per year.  If you are currently on a monthly membership plan you will need to upgrade to annual.

If you are currently on an annual plan with less than 3 months remaining then you will need to purchase a new annual plan.  This will be added to your current expiry date.

The only additional cost is a small administration fee of $198 per year for your Better Business for Good Customer Feedback System. This fee is waived if you are already using an alternative customer feedback system which has been approved by

To be approved your current system will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Provides an ongoing Net Promoter Score
  • Includes a public webpage or widget showing customer feedback in real-time that can be included on your BB4G Advisor Directory page.
  • Sends automated response emails or regular (at least weekly) feedback reports emails which can be cc’d to the BB4G Customer Feedback Team for review and easily integrated into our regular review process.

Currently approved systems include GetJago and Customer Thermometer


How do I become an Approved BB4G Advisor?

If you are already a Better Business Builder Member then you can contact the BB4G office either through the community Hub or by phone or email to start the process.

If you are not yet a Better Business Builder Member then your first step is to apply for membership. 

Click the Apply to Join the Better Business Advisors Network Button below and complete the application form.

On receipt and approval of your application as a Better Business Builder community member, you will be provided with instructions for completing our initial Quality Assurance Process and setting up your ongoing Customer Feedback System.

Once you have:

  1. successfully completed our initial Quality Assurance Process, 
  2. set up your ongoing Customer Feedback system and
  3. actively demonstrated your commitment to the Better Business Builder community through your active participation during this waiting period

 you will be provided with all of the additional benefits of being a BB4G Approved Advisor.

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