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The Business Reinvention Super-Booster

Because FOUR brains are always better than one!.

For many businesses right now…. This is a time of crisis, markets shut down, supply chains broken, customers lost, staff uncertain about their future, and sometimes with no clear way back to the way things were.

If this is you, and you’d like help  to think outside the box, to see new opportunities and imagine new ways of doing things. Ian, Peter and Greg would like to help. Absolutely free, no strings attached. 

How it works

  1. Fill out the form below to register…
  2. You’ll receive an email with your first Business Reinvention Super-Booster Download: The Business Model Canvas Toolkit
  3. Work through the first step of the Canvas… your current business model
  4. Spend 45 minutes with Ian Harris  – Ian will help you work through the Business Reinvention Section of the Business Model Canvas
  5. Download the second Business Reinvention Super-Booster Download to identify your market of interest.
  6. Spend 45 minutes with Peter Engelhardt to hone in on your most profitable market segment
  7. Download the third tool in the Business Reinvention Super-Booster Pack
  8. Spend 45 minutes with Greg Clarkson to identify how affordable off the shelf technology can help you test and refine your business reinvention.

Because four brains really are better than one….

Why are they doing it?  Greg Clarkson from Network Overdrive explains…

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Ian Harris is an experienced accounting professional with a deep interest in SME’s. He has found the Business Model Canvas framework an extremely useful tool for engaging with,and helping,  business people  to think about change

Ian Harris

B & I Lockwood Accounting

Peter Engelhardt is a brand consultant and entrepreneur focused on strategic branding and design for small to medium sized enterprises. He is the founder and driving force behind the strategic branding and design agency, Creative Brew and Plan2Brand, the world’s only interactive eTool designed to help businesses create their brand strategy.

Peter Engelhardt


My mission is to show CEOs and business owners how to make money from technology, rather than accepting IT as simply a cost to their business. I’m co-author of ‘5 Ways to Profit from Technology’, and creator of the ‘Profit Stacks’ framework.

Greg Clarkson

IT support and technology integration expert, Network Overdrive