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The Beginners Guide to CRM

The importance of a CRM in your business and how to get started.

At its core, a CRM is not just useful to large enterprise companies, it’s essential for businesses of all sizes. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Did you know that 75% of sales managers say that using a CRM helps to drive and increase sales? Or that CRM systems improve customer retention by 27%? 

It’s hard to argue with numbers like that.

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Milla Medeiros has a passion for small businesses and digital transformation. She is the founder of Flow CRM HUB.
Milla is a Digital Marketing Specialist and the CRM automation queen. She helps businesses choose and implement the right business systems and support them through the learning process.
Taking businesses on a Digital Transformation Journey that combines Automation, Systems and Digital Marketing. It’s all about making the technology work for you!

Milla Medeiros

Flow CRM Hub

What’s inside

  • What is a CRM?
  • Which companies use a CRM
  • 4 Benefits of a CRM
  • 9 Must Have CRM Features