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The 30 Day Attention Authority Instagram Content Planner

As a business owner, you know what it means to advertise on a slim budget. You’re out there building relationships, generating referrals and attending online events as much as possible to connect with as many people as you can. You work hard to generate more leads, but have you added Instagram into the mix?
Coming up with content especially on a platform like Instagram when you’re unfamiliar can be a challenge.

As seen on BB4G.TV Season 2 Episode 3

Phoebe Lay is a Social Media Marketer, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach for growing businesses and organisations. Phoebe's social media agency Thrive and Shine™️ Co. helps business owners and their team to navigate digital marketing, particularly through social media to generate leads and connect with their audience. Phoebe combines her strategic business experience with her expertise in lead nurturing to help entrepreneurs win big and have the confidence and strategy to shine. 

Whether you are looking at organic lead generation strategies, starting to run paid Facebook Ads or would like to have your content marketing done for you, Phoebe can train you and your team, guiding you through the process of putting together your online marketing funnel so you can thrive and shine online.

Phoebe Lay also has a social enterprise Matcha Sisters which donates to anti-human trafficking organisations.

Phoebe Lay

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What’s inside

In the 30 Day Attention Authority Instagram Content Planner you will receive 30 Instagram news feed ideas and 30 Instagram story ideas alongside tips, tricks and ideas to thrive and attract your ideal clients on Insta!