Sarah Higgins: Business Software Consultant

Sarah Higgins

Business Software Consultant & Virtual Assistant
The Helping Hands Group

About Sarah

The Helping Hands Group is here to Make Business Easier.

How sure are you that the software you’ve chosen to run your business a) the most suitable choice and b) setup as to support you as effectively and efficiently as possible?

And when you need a new product, how much time do you waste discarding option after option looking for the right choice, or worse still, ploughing hours of setup time into the wrong choice?

At a grass roots level, how much of your time as a business owner do you spend on tasks that

a) don’t have to be done by you,

b) don’t directly make you money and

c) stop you from doing the tasks you enjoy more?

Savvy business owners know that directing these tasks to the Helping Hands Group does exactly what our tagline says – it Makes Business Easier! Our team of Software Consultants and Virtual Assistants work with you to ensure that your time and effort are being spent in the best way possible. 

Areas of Expertise

Business Software consulting – product choice, product setup.

Virtual Assistance

Software training, specalising in tailored training


To make small business easier


I want Australian business owners to be less afraid of outsourcing. I want it to be easier (both operationally and emotionally) for business owners to let go and outsource the work they should not be doing themselves, in order to allow them the freedom to either grow, or rest! To that end, I think our vision is “To help small businesses grow and perform beyond their current boundaries” 


From a business perspective, I think our vision says it all. From a personal perspective, I became a business owner because I wanted a flexibility that I could not get as an employee.

What my clients say

Hi Sarah,

I just want to say thanks for the way you and the Helping Hands team have helped me grow my business over the past year.

When we started working together, I was a bit unsure of how it would work out. I had never used VA services before, so it was a bit of a leap of faith to believe that you could provide the quality of work I was looking for. It didn’t take long until I was reassured and I have never regretted taking you on. 

I have found your support to be very reliable and helpful and you have not just saved me between 10 to 20 hours a week, you have actually been able to meet my goals of consistently posting every day on LinkedIn, which was often something that was missed before, just because other priorities intervened.

You have always been willing to tackle the challenging tasks I have thrown at you and either let me quickly know that it wasn’t something you would do, or you did them with a high level of professionalism that took away all the stress I felt when trying to think how I might get those jobs done. 

I would happily recommend you to anyone looking to reduce their workloads or to get better organised around their office and if you ever need anyone to speak to a prospective client who needs a bit of reassurance before taking you on, I would be very happy to do so.

Best regards,

Greg Roworth

Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Business Flightpath

I call Sarah our Customer Support Ninja. She’s not your average Virtual Personal Assistant, oh no, she cares about your business, your goals and your clients. Sarah and her team are more like a personal concierge service for your business.

Whatever you ask they have a solution. From the simplest of tasks you hate doing, be they repetitive, boring, or not worth your time, to the more complex and tech-savvy challenges, that you’d rather have an expert do, the team at Helping Hands Group will find a way for you to succeed. 

Kosta Iatrou

Director, Ikonic Brands