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Sales Team Success Guide

Leading Sales Success is about giving business owners the right tools to lead their business and teams in this essential area of their business.
Download this E-book to step through how to build the systems, metrics and planning that will make selling and managing sales people easier and more fun.

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Selling has been part of my life for over 23 years and in every industry and small or large businesses, I have been successful. I love sales. I also know to many, “sales” is a dirty word because it’s been disconnected from the relationships you have with your customers.

I created Metisan to bridge that gap, to demystify the sales process and sales people so that anyone can improve their sales performance.

If you’ve ever thought that good sales figures are the result of some secret sales magic, I can start showing you otherwise.

Frances Pratt


What’s inside

This E-Book will give you the 5 key steps to setting up for Sales Success in your business.

  1. CUSTOMER CENTRIC: Starting with your customers and what motivates them to buy from you
  2. SALES METRICS: Know the numbers that make your sales tick and how to measure success
  3. FIND THE WINNERS: Use this material to build ads and interview materials that will help sales people really understand your business and what you are asking them to achieve
  4. ONBOARDING SUCCESS; Build out the success plan to launch them
  5.  THE FIRST 90 DAYS: Key success tips to running your first 90 days with this plan.

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