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The onboarding experience for a new employee is the most crucial opportunity for setting expectations on how their experience will be during their time with you. 

Onboarding is a critical point in managing and keeping great team members. A comprehensive program not only bridges the gap between the experiences of the candidate and the employee. It also acts as a catalyst for employee satisfaction, engagement and retention.

In addition, an effective onboarding program increases your business reputation which ensures the attraction of right fit team members. With so many aspects of modern day workforce management changing to more flexible models of operation, creating certainty for
your new starters has never been more important.

As seen on Better Business for Good TV Episode 6/2020

What’s inside

4 Pillars of Success

This program has been designed to take you through the four key pillars of your new onboarding system. As you progress through each phase of the learning journey mapped out for you, you will see every stage of the program gives you practical steps to ensure you have each of these areas covered:

  • CULTURE: Ensure the new staff member understands the core values of your company. Create experiences that welcome them personally to participate in delivering on your company promises.
  • OUTCOMES: Map out exactly what needs to be achieved at each stage of the onboarding process to clarify the nature of the employee’s role and how this relates to the broader vision and mission of the company.
  • ADMIN: Build processes which minimise the administration required to onboard new staff, keeping their focus only on the expectations of their new role with consistent excellence.
  • TEAM: Welcome new employees to the team with open arms to foster an increasing sense of belonging and attachment to the company. Set up exactly what your current team will do to create this warm welcome.

The Authors

Catie Paterson specialises in delivering focused HR solutions with a personal touch.

A true HR specialist,  Catie’s strength is in successfully managing stakeholders at all levels whilst delivering invaluable tools, strategies and results throughout all areas of a business.

She is passionate about human connection, and combines years of industry experience with a dedication to getting the job done.
Inherently down to earth and offering services that are all-encompassing.

Catie Paterson Consulting came about as a result of increased demand for genuine, ‘no-nonsense’ HR guidance, assistance and advice.

Catie Paterson

HR strategist, Catie Paterson Strategic HR Consulting

Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with making workplaces run smoothly and has become Australia’s most passionate advocate for systemising businesses. Her clients accelerate the achievement of their business goals by leveraging the decades Kerry Anne invested into growing her own companies. She accelerates the pathway to lasting expansion by developing customised tools which allow owner operators to scale their business.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Workplace Processes Architect, Operation Verve