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Profit Stacks Framework: 5 Ways to Profit from Technology

Strategic investment in IT allows you to reduce costs in one area and redirect those funds into money-making activities or directly to the bottom line.  

Then you can sell that efficiency and innovation to your customers as a form of value to them.’

My mission is to show CEOs and business owners how to make money from technology, rather than accepting IT as simply a cost to their business. I’m co-author of ‘5 Ways to Profit from Technology’, and creator of the ‘Profit Stacks’ framework.

Greg Clarkson

IT support and technology integration expert, Network Overdrive

What’s inside

Do you sell professional / Consulting services?
Are you seeking profitable growth for your professional / consulting  services through technology-driven productivity?
If you are, this handbook is for you.
We’ve designed it to meet the needs of the key decision makers in your business:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Managing Director or business owner;
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer;
  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO) or Financial Controller
  • Board Director or Trustee

Your people are very smart. They solve problems for your customers.

They cost you a lot of money.

We know they need to be highly productive for your business to achieve your profit goals. You have probably invested in an IT system that is the machinery of your business output, growth and profitability.

However, the IT system is also a challenge and sometimes you wonder “is it worth it?”.

This handbook will give you a framework to align your IT with your business to proactively drive profitability.

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