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PR Tips for how to get on TV

TV is a strange beast. Unlike magazines, newspapers and digital media, most TV producers like to be called first. They will give you five minutes of their time to pitch the story idea so you need to be able to articulate it quickly.

Firstly though, you need to think about what the best way to get your story across would be and what is the best programme format for you. 

This e-book covers the basics of where and how to get an interview, or to get your product featured on TV.

Jules Brooke is the founder of Handle Your Own PR, a DIY PR service for business owners, and has been teaching people how to get media coverage for their business for over 10 years.

Jules Brooke

Handle Your Own PR

What’s inside

  • How to pitch your story to a TV Producer
  • How to get your product on TV for free!!
  • When to call TV Producers?
  • What the Current Affairs and News Shows need
    from a pitch
  • How to put together a TV ‘package’ for pitching

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