Litsa Barberoglou: Branding Strategy

Litsa Barberoglou

Branding Strategy

About Litsa

Brandivine helps business owners add value to their business by creating synergies that align their business efforts through their Brand Story. The process I take clients through involves identifying six key elements of their brand; Purpose, Values, Name, Personality, Differentiation and Positioning. The process relies on trust from the outset as the first element we delve into is Purpose. Why we do what we do, beyond profit. From this point the outcome is a document that becomes the reference point for decision making within a business.

Brands act as a mental shortcut for consumer decision making. If we trust a brand, we consider it as a potential solution to a problem we are experiencing. Brand alignment across areas as diverse as recruitment, strategy, operations and sales increases efficiency, builds trust, loyalty and in the longer term advocacy. The point at which those who buy from you act as referrers for your brands.

Ultimately, what we want to do is grow the base of consumers who will act as advocates for your brand. The most trusted marketing strategy is word of mouth, from a trusted source.

Areas of Expertise

My work is predominantly based around consulting to clients and using a hybrid coaching/mentoring model assist them to define their brand. The differentiating factor is the resources that a client is able to commit to the process.

In terms of what is unique about Brandivine, I’ll leave that to my clients to explain.

“After going through the “REMARKABLE” Brand Story Program with Litsa, I now realise how deep you need to go in order to get something that looks and feels the way that you want to represent yourself. The process is well structured and gives you time to explore and think. Litsa is there to coax and coach and advise. Her knowledge and insights are priceless. The outcome has been a refreshed zeal and clearer strategy for my business and a look and feel that now deeply represents the efforts I put in and my client’s experience.”-Frances Pratt, Metisan

“Working with Litsa helped me to clearly articulate the brand purpose and values of Legally Wise Women, and through our work together, I found clarity around the brand positioning and proposition. Litsa’s caring but insistent approach helped to get through this work, as I often find creative work difficult. Whereas the ease and mastery with which Litsa approached this branding exercise epitomised her experience and love for this work.”-Jacqui Brauman, legally Wise Women