Lisa Wiking

Business Coach

About Lisa

Over the last 18 years I’ve become totally obsessed with people and communication and how it impacts business results. The quality of the working environment will determine the productivity of the team and the happiness and fulfilment of its people at work and in life. The obsession began when I started my career as a 20 year old in a negative & unsupportive environment. It was so awful, I’d go home and cry nearly every night. As I shared my story with friends and family I found, I wasn’t the only one who was unhappy in a working environment.

After 18 months, I was given the opportunity to be the leader. As a 22 year old, I had very little experience and no leadership skill. All I knew, was how not to do it.

With that and a brand new team, we got to work. In the following financial year we turned the business around almost $150,000. That was over 18 years ago and as a result, have devoted my career to discovering what it takes to run a sustainable and profitable business with happy and empowered employees.

I am an author, coach & trainer and am passionate about helping business owners through one on one coaching, delivering workshops and trainings, my online program “Hire For Growth” and conference presentations.

What lights me up is to help business owners build, improve and maintain a positive work culture to increase staff morale, staff retention, customer retention, productivity and ultimately profitability. I believe developing and establishing good practice as a business leader is a skill that will repay you tenfold. From your own personal happiness to the privilege of leading a team to success and helping them realise their own full potential, as you develop this skill set, there is nothing more rewarding.


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