Leigh Baker: Sustainability Innovation Strategist

Leigh Baker

Sustainability Innovation Strategist
Balance3 Regenerative Business

About Leigh

I’m a veteran Supply Chain Consultant turned Regenerative Business strategist.  I help businesses see past the smoke screen of “compliance/cost/government” and understand and access the smorgasbord of great opportunities that sustainable business offers.

We have 30 years of sustainability innovation available that has brought hundreds of viable opportunities to market. Climate solutions are everybody’s business – and an opportunity for just about every business – so I spread them through podcasting, writing, coaching and training.

Areas of Expertise

Supply chain consulting

Regenerative business strategy

Innovation delivery




To connect every business with their unique, high-impact sustainability opportunities, so they become active climate solutionists – regenerating the ecosystems and communities within which they operate.


The world of business has taken “sustainability” out of the compliance and responsibility department and put it where it belongs in the 21st century – at the heart of business operations, business innovation and business strategy.


There are over 2.3 million small businesses in Australia and around 400 million globally. Most of them are so busy “getting on with business” they don’t realise the business opportunities in being climate solutionists.

Turning just 1% of them on to their opportunities has massive potential to improve both business and the world.

What my clients say

“Leigh has a unique ability to draw out positive notions and move regenerative thinking forward in business decisions as a founder. 

Her wealth of wisdom and depth of experience is openly shared whilst helping to unlock personal potential and see opportunities that are a little less obvious in sustainable business practices. She’s a breath of fresh air, an influential presence and a mindful advisor.”

Allie Ames

Classic Bouquets

“Leigh’s unique blend of know how and inspiration makes her a whole lot of fun as well as informing and empowering. Increase your planetary success story. She’s a great mentor, educator and writer.”

Anne-Maree McInerney

MOSS Founder

“What Leigh knows about the fun side of sustainability and its opportunities is nothing short of awesome. The connections she makes and the potential they offer makes me feel excited about the future.”

Ian Hopkinson


In the Blog

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CLIMATE: Small Business, Big Opportunity

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