Kerrie Salvatore: Accountant and SMSF Specialist

Kerrie Salvatore

Accountant, SMSF Specialist
Concise Super

About Kerrie

Kerrie Salvatore is the Co-Founder and driving force behind Concise Super, SMSF Specialists. With more than 25 years of experience in the accounting industry, she realised early on that it is not about the numbers. It is about connections!

Kerrie and her husband, Fabio, established Concise Super to help busy Sole Practising Accountants with their Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) workload by providing local outsourcing solutions with SMSF resources and expertise.

The business expanded to support couples investing via a Self Managed Superannuation Fund with their administration and compliance requirements.

Too often, couples are overwhelmed with the paperwork and technical jargon when setting up their SMSF. Kerrie’s natural gift for client nurturing helps reduce the overwhelm by educating her clients on the compliance responsibilities and obligations by simplifying the technical accounting jargon and administrative paperwork.

Areas of Expertise

  • A CPA Accounting Practice that specialises in SMSF administration, compliance and tax advice.
  • Concise Super provides an “EASY as“ framework for clients from Establishments, Administration and bookkeeping, Systems, Year-end compliance and Active Support.
  • EASY outsourcing solution for busy Sole Practicing Accountants and Financial Planners.
  • Supporting SMSF couples during the lifecycle of their SMSF journey with hand-holding at the start and ongoing education and guidance throughout the years.

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