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Jessy Warn

HR Consultant
HR Gurus

About Jessy

Our story started back in 2010 when our Founder Emily Jaksch decided she needed to leave her job in corporate HR after selling her soul for 12 years being the HR bitch. She saw a gap in the market where SME’s needed quality HR advice but could not afford their own HR Manager, and HR Gurus was born.

Her initial goal was to change the reputation of HR, as she always believed that HR, in general, had a bad rep and she wanted to change that. From there HR Gurus has grown and today we are one of the leading providers of HR services for the SME community in Australia.

We’re not just another HR consulting company – and we aren’t corporate either, we are straight-talking HR experts who understand that to get the best out of people, you need to learn how to engage, excite and motivate them through killer HR practices.

Areas of Expertise

  • HR Compliance
  • HR Policies
  • Employment Contracts
  • Performance Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Coaching
  • Soft skills training
  • Employee Workshops
  • Recruitment Support


Our end goal is for our clients to understand the connection between high-performing people and business success.


To make an impact for small businesses and make HR simple because it should be.


We spend so much of our lives at work, why spend it being unhappy?

The world would be a better place if more people understood the impact they have on others within the workplace.

We want to help make that difference and contribute to happier, healthier workplaces and in turn people.

What my clients say

Kerfab has been using HR Gurus since 2014 and the team are excellent to work with. When we started they worked hard to get Kerfab compliant and have helped us since with many different training sessions including DiSC & self awareness workshops, performance managing a team, recruitment and coaching and mentoring. HR Gurus uses a wholistic approach to HR and they can also assist from a strategic approach when required. I fully recommend everyone undertakes the Values workshop with Emily as this was a great step forward for Kerfab in helping us to develop a set of behaviours for the business.

Jessy and her team’s practical approach to HR is great and an excellent resource to have on hand when difficult situations arise, giving every department within Kerfab peace of mind around the potential difficulties that can arise in HR at any level.

Jay Chirnside

General Manager, Kerfab

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