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Getting Online in 2020

Better Business for Good Special Edition

A simple guidebook written with 18 years of experience in building websites in Australia for Australian businesses.
Contents include:

  • “Theming Session’ guidelines
  • Links to key resources on Google
  • Freebies you might not know about

As seen on BB4G.TV Season 2 Episode 7

Jim Radford has been building websites since 2002 and became one of the first Google Partners in Australia way back in 2008.
He is personally fully qualified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Being an ex taxation accountant he loves to translate his business clients desired business outcomes into a meaningful and purposeful online presence.

Jim Radford

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What’s inside

Do you feel as though you have spent a heap of money on a website and are not quite sure where it all went and what it got you? Reading this guidebook will get you back on track and you might even find you are not all that bad off after all. The guidebook can be easily read in 30-60 minutes and you can come back to sections that your business needs help on.