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THE DREAM: Competent, independent staff.
REALITY: Their questions, mistakes and inability to work without you mean it’s easier to do it yourself.
Over three quarters of business owners burn out. It’s hardly surprising. 86% work weekends and 53% work through major holidays. Most owners struggle to clear their desk of work.
Effective delegation will free up your time and accelerate your business growth. Studies show over half of all owners believe that successfully delegating even 10% of their work would lead to a 20% increase in business.
These five steps will create big changes, in business … and in life.

As seen on BB4G.TV Season 2 Episode 20

Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with making workplaces run smoothly and has become Australia’s most passionate advocate for systemising businesses. Her clients accelerate the achievement of their business goals by leveraging the decades Kerry Anne invested into growing her own companies. She accelerates the pathway to lasting expansion by developing customised tools which allow owner operators to scale their business.

Kerry Anne Nelson

Workplace Processes Architect, Operation Verve

What’s inside

My team and I have immensely benefited from Kerry Anne’s strategic insights, professionalism and out of the box thinking. As we now scale up, I can enjoy more freedom and our corporate bottom line is all the better for it!” Bunmi Ajayi, Megalines Insurance and Risk Advisers

By systematically working through these steps, you will develop the professional resources you need to become a delegation master. But even better than that, you will enjoy the benefits developing personally as a business leader. You will no longer get bogged down in the details that stop most others from breaking through to unlimited business growth. You will become the one setting the pace, leading from the front and activating the vision.